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  3. One from my Homeland

    This is a fan song dedicated to the club Zrinjski Mostar. HŠKZ 1905
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  5. As a gipsy myself, I find this post very disturbing and offensive!
  6. Somehow you always manage to skip the main parts of the reports.. Maybe this time I can be the nice guy and look into it. I've gone thru the whole chat history between you, SuperVladys and Justla. You self started everything. Maybe you should have googled what "Gipsy" means in the first case? Instead of keep talking about something you don't know the meaning of? And then you decide to call Vlady himself a Gipsy? "How offending is that?" Then you got triggered by Justing who said you're beginner? After Vlady says you're all three homos? Are YOU against gay people? homophobic? Please. But thanks for reporting.. just keep an eye what you're gonna report. If you like feeding the trolls, do it properly next time. Topic closed. #GipsyForLief
  7. Name : Supervladys Reason : Racist words and insulting me :"( Name : Justla Reason : Insulting and telling me a kid and i cant play this game PROOF :
  8. hey abody :) , sorry for english,,, i want your p90 and m249 skins is so cool :) 

  9. 100 credits REWARD for the right answer Take off my skin I won't cry but you will

    What am I ?

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    2. Geri


      u kidding me? Youre a fucking onion duh

    3. SYED

      VIP User SYED

      Their is something called GOOGLE if u know what i mean ;)

    4. focus.

      VIP User focus.

      Geri is the winner when you connect just PM me !

  10. Nothing to be worried about, mg,zm,ze etc forces you to use 66 tickrate, cl_cmdrate 66, cl_updaterate 66 and rate 66000, on csfrag servers (except bhop, runs 100 tick)
  11. Hello i would humbly request from admin to make a map pack for csgo Surf server since i have the shitiest internet here, I would really apreciate it
  12. and i thought all the time its darude sand storm hmmmm
  13. !blame @calig 

    1. Calig


      * @Calig Blames @XXitachi for everything

    2. XXitachi



  14. Linkin Park - Heavy

    New from Linkin Park. Pop or Rock?
  15. What if i use 100 tickrate settings on a 66 tickrate server?
  16. I've just seen Brimstone, it's a pretty horrible story. Please do not watch this movie it's traumatising.

  17. Killa Fonic - Dalai Lamă (Audio)

    Dăle lamă toacă-i toacă-i <3
  18. dat boi!!!!

  19. Topic solved&locked.
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