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  1. Somehow you always manage to skip the main parts of the reports.. Maybe this time I can be the nice guy and look into it. I've gone thru the whole chat history between you, SuperVladys and Justla. You self started everything. Maybe you should have googled what "Gipsy" means in the first case? Instead of keep talking about something you don't know the meaning of? And then you decide to call Vlady himself a Gipsy? "How offending is that?" Then you got triggered by Justing who said you're beginner? After Vlady says you're all three homos? Are YOU against gay people? homophobic? Please. But thanks for reporting.. just keep an eye what you're gonna report. If you like feeding the trolls, do it properly next time. Topic closed. #GipsyForLief
  2. Linkin Park - Heavy

    New from Linkin Park. Pop or Rock?
  3. Invalid application. Rejected. Read the application format.
  4. Updated info for your account Topic moved to archives.
  5. Maps has been, added. If any of those maps seems not to be good, just report back yo us, so we can deal about it Topic closed.
  6. We are no longer EUFrag!? This time, we got some big news ahead! And we are hoping to have YOUR opinion of making the future decisions for our community! How long is it when we first met you on the EUFrag servers? How many of you are still here, having fun, keeping up the legacy? Who would have ever thought of us keeping it up for such a long time? We thought if it would be finally the day, to finally make something on our own, and let the past go and finally move on. Not everyone might feel like the same, that we're still so dependent of our past, and of course it's also a good thing. That's why we're asking you to come up with any name you like, that would have the potential to be the new community name. Write them in comments! We have already done cleaning our current admin team, unfortunately saying goodbye for the admins that has no more enough time to put their effort moderating the servers. And that for, we need experienced volunteers, to keep up the good and fair game-play in our servers. We will announce of the open admin applications later this month, with detailed information, where the help is the most needed. Shout-out for @VaNsTeR as the new community Global Admin, and also for @-<SAXI>- & @XoOM =D still finding their suitable position in the team! And huge thanks for the admins we have in the past! You guys won't be never forgotten! Look up for the staff page later Polls, topics and all those discussions made out of expanding the community into games, this time it's time to make it real! Still to remind, we do have SurF RPG Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server running for months already. And last poll you voted for Zombie Escape server to be the next new rising start. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to finish the server with this long schedule, due missing some essential and necessary plugins, to give the players the best first touch of the server! But looking the current situation, we might have to open the server without those plugins, and look afterwards what's there to do for. We have the idea of reducing the total amount of CS:GO and CS:S servers, to get more space for the new potential servers, for currently popular video games. To actually make this happen this time.. we have prepared to get each server its own server manager. So all the hard work maintaining and updating the servers wont be left mostly up for only one person! And finally, just few things that we are really pleasant to implement! Member skins! For now members only have gotten the ultra special, rare, "cool" and colorful "Member" in-game tag, which is kinda not worth it at all. So having unique skin for the members would be something. We'll be making the poll in the next coming announcement along opening admin applications. And there is gonna be a lot more to talk about, our social media pages, cleaning up the forums for the new refreshing begin.. Don't be shy to comment, or telling your thoughts! We would respect that! For now, we will talk to you again in the next week!
  7. Jennifer Aniston, now gibe my credits
  8. However you feel like. You can't blame admins, they're only doing their job to keep the server clean and fair. And your total of 49 MUTES doesn't say anything, that you're spamming a bit way too much? Now even I'm wondering how you're not perm muted already. Topic closed. EDIT: Maybe get on TS3 server or discord to chat with your friends. TS3 server, you can have your private channel ** Just an advertisement **
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  11. Accepted! Let us know if there are any problems with your membership
  12. All you need to do is to copy the image url (right click on image, copy image url) Return back to your post, right bottom corner you see "Insert other media" And choose image from url. Simple as that