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  1. Accepted! Let us know if there are any problems with your membership:)
  2. Yeah im going to clean it for sure. even i wasnt known how dirty it was already lel
  3. Oh i forgot i also did improve my Ram to 16 GB
  4. Sooooo it finally happened. Im done with nvidia and i moved to amd and i have to say.. IM MORE THEN IMPRESSED! I installed my Radeon RX 480 and its more then awesome. Playing Battlefield 1 on Ultra is tottaly insane! Yeah i know my psu is old fuck off pimp xD I also bought myself an SSD Samsung 850 Evo. And finally a Cooler which i reaaally needed since mine is pretty old. Cannot take the risk of my pc getting exploded xD. Im more then Happy with my Current Set Up but tho i wanted to get the GTX 1080 but not enough money... 800 € is waaayyy to expensive.
  5. paranoid on paska kenttä
  6. You have 1 Week VIP Active right now. After that u will be switched to Member.
  7. TLMB = The last man Battalion. Or maybe some special name with at the end Agent like idk Cs-Frag
  8. If you manage to survive the Lenny boss u would have gotten an extra of 2 weeks
  9. You already have it:) Guess u didnt know how to use it but there u go.
  10. My bad i remember u were there at Bear map. You will get 1 Week VIP aswell. I apollogize for this.
  11. VIP have been given out to all people who were at the Event! If you already had active VIP status, this will be added to your account. You only have ingame VIP access not for Donator Forum unless you are already a Donator. Go to this Link to see all avaible Commands u can use at our Servers as a VIP! List of VIP Winners and Length! @Deadview 3 Weeks @SYED 3 Weeks @Bad-throne_Bzh 3 Weeks @-<SAXI>- 2 Weeks @AET - Vid 3 Weeks @El Magnificoo 3 Weeks @Uncle Dan 1 Week @T3RROR 1 Week @El Machoo 1 Week @Lady InsAne 1 Week @TRAPLIFE 1 Week @.::I am Legend::. 1 Week @FloriaNNN. 1 Week @Surt 1 Week @DeMoN 1 Week @Harue 1 Week @Arcan 1 Week @Tony Montana 1 Week @WeeZy 1 Week Players that receive VIP but are not registered on our Forum. Suga 1 Week Jay Master of Lightning 1 Week [Cosmy] 1 Week Once Again 1 Week
  12. Oh i wont let that happen and u know it boi
  13. We aboosed a little but yeah we did xD
  14. Event Over. Thanks for all who participated on the Event:) I personally did not expect that many people to join xD The server was even full. Awards will be given out soon. We wont forget anybody:)
  15. Accepted. Feel free to tell us if there are any problems.