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  2. jamnass...is is possible to change my profile name to V FOR VENDETTA....Pls assist me.....or can u set for me?

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      ofc you can ., visit account settings

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  6. neither you , so keep away from things you don't know about
  7. OMG , best profile pic

  8. ppl will hear those sounds too much cuz i kill at least 5 zombies per round
  9. good idea and i totally agree with you , @VaNsTeR even if the plugin is not added in the server , @Calig can add it in few mins
  10. i just bought csgo , so please make a csgo zm server XD
  11. solved

    Vanster you are right , source TV is important also to check if your reporters are right or not , kappa
  12. solved

    You make me feel boring viva comon !! i will defend myself but from where should i start to reply !!? Ok , lets take the first link which shows the position of the players when the accident happened , the problem is people who will read this topic don't know the map well . anyway , the pic almost true bot not 100% . i was in a place where i could see you and the other human , i was not inside with the whole team because if i was with them inside , i would not be able to see you and decide that you'r edger , and you were near and closed to the box which the zombie came from , and he (the zombie) could infect you easily , after that you infected the guy who was with you . link 2 which shows the chat of me , you and the human who was camping with you : i said "viva you deserve a ban for team killing " , the player said "no" while i saw you in my ayes . i replied to the player who clearly does not know what does edge mean "who asked you ? ofc you will say no since you both live inside one home" . and yea you both play for long time together , friends , same country , used to camp with each other ...etc , so he will defend on you . you also said "i am not" then you said "ok ban me and stfu" . and note that i warned and did not directly ban you. link 3, the demo showing jamnass behave/abuse : that's remind me about the demo that Acid made when he wanted to report me long time ago , clearly showing nothing . dude what does admin abuse mean ? it means that i use my commands to gain more points & high rank , eg: i increase my speed to escape from zombies , it also means when admin ban ppl with no reason , and in this case there are 2 reasons , the demo you uploaded shows me saying to a player who could not cover me "stupid noob" and then "nab" and then "you use awp in small spot wtf" in different times . Sir , that's not admin abuse , please check the server chat and see how many times the words "nabz" "stupid" and the word "noob" are used from both admins and players . not like when a player breaks the rules then ask the admin to stfu and ban him.
  13. Nice work , i will say my opinion about those maps as a noob ZM player from long time and as a server admon. map#1 : it was the first map removed from hashtag zombies , its very easy for zombies , no spots to hide or defend , i dont remember that humans won one round in that map , no way to replay it for me -1. map#2 : the map has been suggested from me from long time , Calig added it , but then i found a bug in the map . also the map is too big . some spots are impossible for zombies , for me -1 . map#3 :this map is good for hunting mod (low hp for zm and easy to kill) but not good for our ZM server . the map has no spots for humans . for me -1 . map#4 : already have a version of the map which we were playing in eufrag , i dont think there is a need to add new version . for me -1 . map#5 : i checked it , looks good but easy for zombies . for me +1. map#6 : very good one. idk how did not i find it before XD . balanced not boring and gg. for me +1. map#7 : although the map size is 15mb , but its small in game lol . only 2 or 3 spots ., for me -1 . map#8 : gg very good , for me +1 . map#9 :nice and cool , but there is one spot which is hard for zombies , i hope the mapper could remove it. for me +1. map#10 : no spots for humans wtf , also the map has other server ip, so for me -1 . map#11 : it was in ZMkilerZ , not good , players used to avoid playing it, for me -1.