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  1. please don't hate me
  2. pending

    i think we should test it right @XXExodus @Calig?
  3. pending

    new map lasers
  4. Vanster for president P.S: btw ill vote for u
  5. i disagree with you vanster , if u open a server on cs go, then css ze are gonna die , it's not problem between cs :go and css, the problem is the players , They can do what they want to make the ze better P.S: cs:go ze sucks believe me, i've already played on it before and unloze they dont have ze on cs:go and most opinions of other communities prefer ze on css
  6. bravo bravo guys!! just another thread for fight , especially when intervention of quran and religion in this conversation , just well done bugz thats enough!! @Calig @XXExodus @VaNsTeR @Tariq do something with these guys
  7. solved

    Lunatics have increased in this world .
  8. http://imgur.com/a/Dv9D4 ----------------------------------- I hope this helps you
  9. nice updates
  10. Yay!! finally i got free vip ty @Calig
  11. added

    Memories of eufrag 2013 :
  12. climb on css sucks because it is different from cs 1.6 like if we look cs 1.6 there are many kinds of jumping like Cj(countjump) and multi countjump its help in the long jump + ground strafing and for css there are only "crouch and jump" that's make run slower. so i think that's bad idea . FOR ME i suggest surf skill server (timer) cuz it's more fun and many players like it
  13. looks great!! good job