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  1. I will not be online today! See you all on Friday <3

    1. Viva ImaGe Line

      VIP User Viva ImaGe Line

      See you again

  2. I'm gonna order my self an new pc this weekend And it's gonna be amasing
  3. GTX 1080 <3
  4. Haha did i actually win? Thank you !
  5. I just have 2 word's for what you have done with this community.. Amasing work. I'm really proud to be a part of this community as Admin or not! I've always enjoyed my stay here and i even grown my own clan in this awsome zm mode server... Every donation i've given has been with proudness for the sake of Cs-frag and more i will give to keep Cs-frag going forward. I have to say i like the name Cs-frag very much but i'm always for " changes and upgrades" But i'm sorry but i have no thoughts of an new name for the community If i come up with something i will let you know! i'm really excited about this change and i can't wait to see it grow more ! Post your opinion Cs-frag members!!!! Saxi
  6. What you now done deadview? x)
  7. oohh my gad oh my gad oh my gad! Happy Birthday my dear ZH member <3 I hope your day will become as awsome as you are :D

    1. Ismail lilou

      VIP User Ismail lilou

      thank you so much dear and the playing with you is so funny in game :troll_happy:

  8. I think it's very nice of you to stand up for your brother and apologies from his side! Respect. Have an talk to your brother and make sure he understand Grait reply Vendetta ! Saxi.
  9. Terror Why do you keep going even when you get plenty of chances? and when you get muted you want more chances??? Wait your ban to run out and learn from it.
  10. Look's awsome
  11. Back to my old profile now ok :D

  12. Happy Birthday :)

  13. Happy Birthday :)

  14. No i don't