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  1. Nothing to be worried about, mg,zm,ze etc forces you to use 66 tickrate, cl_cmdrate 66, cl_updaterate 66 and rate 66000, on csfrag servers (except bhop, runs 100 tick)
  2. Why did you even write this, if you dont have evidences etc? You clearly dont take admin abuseing category that serious.. Your in-game name: Your Steam ID: Admin name and Steam ID: In which server it happened: Time of incident (include time-zone): Your side of the story: Demo/Video evidence:
  3. Try speak/write russian to him, (Google Translate) easy peasy Topic closed & solved
  4. 1 .After i watched also the whole video, your sounds really bugs 2. And i have no idea if Patan really shot the barricade on purpose, clearly the first time he shot at the zombie, that was in the soda prop 3. When u said "im gonna report ur ****", your barricade felt, and he didnt shoot at it 4. Use demo(use record demoname in console)
  5. Thanks for reporting rule breakers. Topic solved & locked
  6. What a funny topic in a very serious category hahaha
  7. Wondering how that can be abuse?
  8. You dont even know the half of the things that were going on in the community, please know stuff before you write.
  9. #adminpower, feel it legend, 2 much abuse nowadays, at least it wasnt a long gag xd
  10. Player already banned. Ban invoked on 01-25-17 10:00, by Negative.
  11. solved

    @VaNsTeR SourceTV only take huge amount of cpu usage, and also uses a slot. SourceTV will only go to several of players, like ESEA csgo etc.. So i dont think it really would help a lot. You could also join SourceTV, but you can also see when sourceTV player has joined in TAB, add it @Calig if some admins will spend their time 24/7 on sourcetv
  12. Sorry for replying here, i was expecting a long time of replying when it comes to ze. No active admins there ;p
  13. Since he also have been banned 4 times before, i decided this time it should be 1 month. Thanks for your report @abody player is now banned for trolling on ZE.
  14. Do you experience lag or high ping? This tutorial should help you fixing it. (The Advanced Way) As many people might know, Microsoft is constantly sending a lot of data from our PC. This really ruins our privacy, and use a lot of traffic. This could be such as Windows Update, Telemetry services like Bing.com search engine, msn.com, akamaitechnologies.com, nsatc.com, microsoft edge, internet explorer... There is many "spying" services.... You can actually block most of the services by using a file only. BEWARE! This CAN block your login live mail, windows update, msn.com, bing.com services, do NOT use this file if you use some of the services, unless you unblock them on your own. Download the program which prevents spying services here: https://www.mediafire.com/?z1q5374qa22q2jr How do i "install" this? Simple navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open hosts as a notepad, make sure you have notepad++, that program allowes you to have access to the file. So yea, copy my hosts file and paste it in there.... And after restart your pc. Im not responsible of any damage that MAYBE can cause to your pc, but i will be glad to help you out.(The damage can only be that you wont get access to live.com etc....) (The other Advanced Way) Install Wireshark(https://www.wireshark.org/download.html) this program analyzes your Traffic on your PC. By using this, make sure you restart your pc and open wireshark as quick as possible. When you are capturing traffic, make an little notepad of example( settings-win.data.microsoft.com) and copy that and paste in the hosts file. If you want some help with this, dont hesitate to contact me (The Nooby Way) Go to start, type msconfig, go to services and select "hide all microsoft services". When you have done that, disable the services you dont need to boot up. After that, go to start and select unneeded start up programs. Now open up start again and write services.msc, scroll down and find windows update and mark it as "disabled", when you want to search for updates, make sure you enable it again. Windows Update really makes your network lag a lot, so make sure its disabled Ping explained short. Ping really depends on your location. The more far away you are from the Paris(France) server, the higher ping you will get.. if you open up cmd and type ping www.google.fr you will differently see a difference if you do it on your local google server. What might can cause high ping: Make sure your network isnt affected by any viruses, like zombie computers(slaves) used to be done illegal activities etc... And also make sure your wireless connection has a password(make sure its WPA2). You can also see who is using your WIFI or your connection by logging onto your router. LINK If you got a password on your router, check at the back of your router, there should be a password on it. Another thing can also be streaming services, also make sure you dont have any laggy thing open, like steam downloads etc... Lowering your ping tutorials on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxKIRjX0cr4 Helpful for understanding ping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aowuBUIX4Wk Hope this other tutorial could help you. Feel free to contact me Regards Pimp