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  1. I am proud to be part of this community and I have enjoyed my time here, also met great people and made great friends. But I honestly don't think you owners should change the name, cuz CS-Frag is a classic resembler of what this community really is. I and also other members will find it hard to call the community something else. It was a big change when EuFrag became CS-Frag, and now there's no need for a even bigger change. So keep the old one!
  2. Happy birthday bruh! :partypopper:

    1. focus.

      VIP User focus.

      Thank you mate  :D

  3. @Harue is the perfect candidate for a reaction youtuber. Someday you're gonna become the next leafy.
  4. Hey, don't try to cover yourself..
  5. You don't have mutes for spamming songs, u have mutes for talking too much
  6. Nice job @striker. And the screenshots made it easy to follow Btw. A second Postscript would be abbreviated as 'PPS', not 'PS' like the first one.
  7. Officialy they're meant for clients/players, but I believe one can also use them as server-sided, I may be mistaken tho.
  8. Vanster's dreams after watching 50 Shades of gray that night

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. VaNsTeR


      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. Hmm, I read through the post and, there's something going on here for sure. But given that it's about jamnass, I wont even bother... @XXExodus You're right, a demo recorder makes the job way easier... ... and pimp, you think this is funny and you're being sarcastic about "2 much abuse"?. I honestly just don't know anymore. Good Luck @Calig, @Leda, @Tariq in solving the issue..
  10. I don't think we need any other player skins. The existing skins are already enough to have fun. Donate if you want to get VIP for special skins.
  11. Ze for CSGO FTW! Nice job calig
  12. I'll try to check the map out when I have time
  13. Hey man, your suggestion exists already but in the ze server. e.g. when you play ze_death_star_escape as a VIP you have the "Darth Vader" human skin, but only for that specific map. Another example, when you play a LOTR map as VIP you can choose "Gandalf" or "Legolas" as human skin. This skin feature exists also within other maps, like fapescape, potc, or shroomforest (I think). Now as calig said, for surf, it would be kinda confusing, cuz there's no zombies or anything. But hey, I don't play much surf so...
  14. This is officially the first post in 2017!
  15. Happy Birthday Glory

    btw I always wondered is Hole your last name? :KappaPride: