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  1. Happy Birthday our zh knub :kermit:

    1. Wolfocus.


      Hahaha Thx you cykaa :D;)

  2. Happy Birthday lucy :balloon:

    1. L U C I F E R

      L U C I F E R

      Thank you, Hichem :3   ^_^

  3. Happy Birthday ghosty :) 

    1. Ghost Rider

      Ghost Rider

      Thanks hichem 

  4. You can simply solve your last problem by using access !sm player for selfmute
  5. when my application will be accepted

    1. Hichem


      Depends to Owners, be patient ;)

  6. Yep, Calig can make it. and it's good idea for the server
  7. Hi Hichem brother :) you and Jamnass are good admins....doing great job !

    1. -JamNass-


      i am rankwhore XD


    2. Hichem


      @-JamNass- good recognition :kermit:

    3. Harue


      Jamnass > hichem

  8. *Obviously we are here for laughter while you take it seriously*
  9. There is no place for both
  10. He already asked to join without the vip
  11. @SYEDKAREEM you had only to pm me this way doesn't works bro
  12. I would like to see CSGO ZM-Frag in the near future