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  1. Welcome to the masterrace Everything looks fine. But as Harue gently tried to show you with his hidden messages: CLEAN YOUR TOWER BRO Every 6 Months you should clean it and the coolers from dust and dirt.
  2. Happy Birthday ;)

    1. Ismail lilou

      VIP User Ismail lilou

      ty ty bro :);)

  3. AAAaaand they are all up! Sorry again. Enjoy <3
  4. sry for the delay.... I will upload them this evening
  5. Yep! Gonna upload them tonight You can test them and tel us the result so we can check if it's mapcyle-material or not ! Thx for your work <3 Cheerz
  6. We've added both maps. Im a huge Zeldafanboy. Let me know when you gonna play it. To our ZM-Admin. FOr setting the maps. The names are: zm_zelda_oot_forest_templev2 zm_zelda_skyloft_5_5 @VaNsTeR request is also online: zm_pyramide_legends_alpha Ya'll can test them and if bugs appear, simply tell us. Thx <3
  7. Happy Birthday ;)

  8. Althought he was Muted in Mic from our Admin (1 week) this guy decided to use the chat to continuing his bad Behavior. I choosed a Week because of his bad History. Don't worry, feel free to report. That's why we have this Section
  9. 0:03 - 0:05 best part of the Video I will stop this guy from writing and talking for while because he has got a long history of punishments. If he can't use commands the way he use to its his own problem. I hope our ZM-Admin can tell him how to behave if he starts arguing.
  10. Thx for reporting a foto of @VaNsTeR. Our Zm-Admins will open their eagle eyes to this guy. Unfortunately we need to catch him red handed to ban his Spay. Afterward ban of a spray is not possible. You can also use the shoutbox if you see this again and if there is an admin online he will come and ban this spray. Cheers
  11. Happy Happy B-Day ;) Enjoy your Day!:partypopper:

    1. focus.

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      Thank you bro :D

  12. Thank you for the report. I just came after your shoutbox post. I warned him serveral times. He didn't do it again. I will think about this report right here if the play do it again in future Thanks for keeping the servers safe! I appreciate Cheers
  13. Thank you for your Report! Vanster is very patient and tollerates a lot of players misbehavior. Even more then me! There are a lot of players spaming the mic with "funny" and "cool" sounds. Althought most of them are old players and know the rules they keep doing it and we are cool with it until a point. I have seen you using these "sounds" quiet often and often I wanted to mute you. Also other Players too. But I did not. After a couple of warnings you will stop, I know that. We all like that sometimes but often it is just too much. This mute symbolize just a result of a lot of spams you did. Don't take it personally. We mostly hope that the players will stop by themselfs and we do not have to take action at all. But often it is just too much and enough is enough. We had only 1 player doing this and he got a lot of mutes. Im sure he knows that these mutes are right and thats why he never even wrote a report here nor a unmutereport. Now there are plenty of it and we have to deal with them. It is unfair to tollerate the players who we know very long but mute those new players who try to do the same. In the other hand it is also unfair from the players who we know long who take advantage of the fact that we tollerate their behavior. Also he is not the whole day on the server and he probably wanted to provide against further micspam. That's why he choosed 1 day. It was the 5th punishment in your history and the 5th. is actually 1 week. Also you had 4 old mutes between 15 min and 1 hour although they had to be longer. I appreciate your try also that you are a loyal player but you are a kind of famous for this and I can understand this mute. Don't see it as a Adminabuse. Just think about the times we could have gagged you but we didn't. To cut a long story short (it's too late I know ) I would be happy if you understand this mute and maybe show a bit understanding that it rly is too much sometimes.