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  1. Yup....That's Vans confirmed alright.
  2. You might have done only twice on that specific day but you also do it quite often as well
  3. Sorry for the long wait Legend. This matter has been resolved privately amongst ZM Admins and The Administrators. Jamnass is no longer an Admin of ZM. -Leda
  4. Some people might find it funny while others may not. I know this is for fun and all that (which is fine with me in a way) but if we spot quite a handful number of players start complaining or use !sm, then obviously this whole thing shifts from "being funny" to "being annoying". Anyways, let's all try to understand with each other more. -Leda
  5. --- CSS guide for Dummies--- Title: How to pick up items. 1) Go find an item 2) Take out your pistol 3) Press 'G' and get rid of your pistol 4) Replace your pistol that has items attached to it. Extra tip- You use 'E' to activate your items not picking them up. If it doesn't work then you're ebanned.
  6. solved

    Thanks for the report. Locking the topic.
  7. solved

    Thanks for the report. It's been taken care of. Let me know if he continues to use this spray in the near future.
  8. solved

  9. Happy Birthday! What is that North Korean flag doing there though? XD

  10. Heil Caligler! .0/