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  1. Happy B'day! Hope you get permanent gag by VaNsTeR! :kappa:

    1. FloriaNNN.


      Thanks. maybe :)

  2. kys paranoid fag
  3. @Calig If you add some anime characters skins (player) for VIP, I would bought VIP about 2-3 months later
  4. @T3RROR
  5. @T3RROR 3 weeks vip is for people who won the map (i guess because im not at the event due to exams and the timeline and the day). If u still doesn't understand anything yet, read the announcement up there. You should be thankful that u got free vip for 1 week not for a day, hours, hour, minutes, minute, seconds, or a second.
  6. Well since @Deadview answer the question with the real name and then @Leda answer the question by using ze_fapescape wiki, I will give each credit for @Deadview and @Leda at zm or mg server (feel free to complain if there anything wrong) P.S. @Calig, ur not going to get any credits / credit cuz u suck af
  7. Nope @abody
  8. Who know this guy? Winner get free credit! (Only 1 winner)
  9. Map name: zm_Zelda_OoT_Forest_TempleV2X Download link: Pictures of the map: Map name: zm_zelda_skyloft_5_5 Download link: Pictures of the map: P.S. I don't know if these map already tested but I hope these map added **UPDATE**: About zm_zelda_skyloft_5_5, there is NO barricade on the map. The only safest place on this map is on higher place.
  10. Alright guys, I made this secret today and actually it was pretty secret, but I will show it to u all. HERE IT IS: Tutorial: How to win random_v10_fix (or any version) Before the tutorial begin, It's not kinda secret, but if the zombies were stupid enough, the humans can win. (P.S. this secret ONLY can be done when there was 10+ humans alive) 1) Final Boss Level Area. RED: Hiding spot (1 humans hide each position) (weapons recommended: TMP) Stickmans: Some people should stay top of sign to defend from zombies and shoot the boss (weapons recommended: P90/M249) 2) Hiding Spot. (1 person per spot) Before Boss: Boss Incoming: Shoot the boss while you hiding: 3) Press the button (1 by 1) (no photos) Alright, that's all for the tutorial and I hope we can win at random (again) sometimes cuz I already did this trick ( the 4th button) and I did it. P.S. This tutorial may suck but I hope this helpful. P.S. Sorry if there anything wrong with my english.
  11. Happy B'day! Hope you lose at Mako everytime! :KappaPride:

  12. From all of these skins, I think Xenomorph is the good one for vip only.
  13. In-Game Name: striker (Lag Fag) Country: Indonesian (sh*t lag country ) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:176462898 Favorite server(s) of ours: Zombie Escape [1], Zombie Mod [2], Minigames [When i was bored ] P.S. this is my non-steam account, I will try to apply for member again when I buy steam. More P.S. something wrong with my profile cuz my points always decreased (ZE).
  14. Pendulum - Under the Waves

    I don't why I post this video but it's really epic
  15. Maybe Zelda OOT series? With 3 different level when Link is trying to get the 3 gems (or something)