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  1. thanks man loooks cool
  2. yes pls
  3. Can I have one too????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? pls
  4. Oh shit waddup
  5. :P

    @Calig You're prob gonna love this c:
  6. Gonna party hard for halloween ^^

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Yabba


      AND I... will spend my halloween studying.


      fml :FailFish:

    3. Harue


      i will spent my time mastrubating


    4. Geri


      But Harue what are you gonna masturbate to... :kappa:

  7. topkek I'm laughing my ass off.
  8. You just have to learn the basics of photoshop then you're good to go, but it's up to you to decide if it's gonna look pretty good because you need to look out of the window to create something cool, so it's mostly up to you and your fantasy. You've got a bunch of tutorials on youtube aswell.
  9. Free cancer

  10. Happy Birthday :poop::partypopper:

  11. There aren't going to be anymore proud members... that's what one of the owners said @Calig
  12. Woah, it seems you're new to photoshop, if you wanna reach my level you should @Calig teach you like he did to me
  13. Not bad. What did you use? Beat my AET art