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  4. I use discord every day. It's awesome and it has a great game overlay which doesn't decrease performance when you play. So yeah I'd like to see a discord server for our community.
  5. im sick.this fucking exmaes made me stress so hard and then now I gone to hospital fuck this.if this is studying why then I'm risking my life...???

    one replay or like

    one prey

    I'm seriously gone to hospital cuz of school exames:(

  6. @VaNsTeR Its ez af. I once download it and I learn how to use it for 1 day only.
  7. My clan have it own channel Discord is awsome.
  8. Why such attitude towards Discord?
  9. Fuck Teamspeak.Harue I'm in.
  10. Fuck discord. I cant understand how to use it. And many of our members are already using Teamspeak.
  11. Since alot people use recent time discord, and it's easier to make and connect for strangers to it. Why isn't Cs-frag using it aswell? I could help to setup a discord for you guys
  12. Going away for 3 weeks cos exams, then I will bought steam and playing for 24 hours a day :KappaPride:

    1. Hichem


      So i will miss the gay sounds in zm :why_u_no:

    2. FideLink


      I even didnt talking too much (or never) on zm :kappa:

    3. AET - Vid
  13. I already bought some cases on this website and it wasn't as you said. It's your first post here and you posted the exact same post on other websites too. Therefore I do not allow you to post this website here. It would be different if you were an active player and forummember. -- Topic locked --
  14. Hey there ! hope you are having a wonderful day (of course im here for a reason)

    well,im here for ask u something :THAT THING IS : can u please make a avatar for steam? this is da link in which u have to do ur work link. blue-wallpaper-13.jpg

    You can also short the size all i want is this to be our group's avatar and the WORD i want inside of it is (  SSŤ  ) add a cool looking font in it ( Do words like Crystal font as u can see the blue thing in pic)

    SECOND : This one is my friend spray link .

    I want u to change the red thing to BLUE ( see the first one pic that colour ) and add a cool backround in it

    Please do it don't say that u can't if u make it i gunna cry

    Peace. :)

  15. Hello to all. Long ago I've admitted one interesting thing on this web-site related to cases with mark "Limited edition" or "Special offer". By opening of such boxes I had take almost every time expensive skin. Long ago I began to a close watch on the--blocked--not to miss any special offer. For example on the St. Patrick day there was on the Open CS:GO St. Patrick's box for about $3 and I caught specialist gloves forest DDPAT Battle scarred for $100!! On the 1st of April there appeared a case 1st April Fools day with a mark "Seasonal Offer" on banner. And that day I've caught from it Stattrack SSG 08 Dragonfire. Who has admitted such a thing with special boxes? Please tell your story...
  16. Sure
  17. Can i be an admin in zm instead of surf rpg if i edit the post?
  18. You can apply for any server of youre choice.
  19. I didn't know that.
  20. I've grown quite fond of surf but i'd actually rather be admin on zm. I guess because zm applications aren't open surf admin will do just fine
  21. I am But I know u well on zm and surf (first met)
  22. You don't know me
  23. You are a horrible person @Deadview so @Calig @Tariq @Leda @VaNsTeR don,'t ever pick him as admun Nah I was joking P. S. I mean it
  24. Many servers has their own private plugins, and not available for public.
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