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    I noticed you have multiple Bans for using bhop scripts. However you have not been caught yet using it on csfrag but be warned that using any kind of cheats/scripts on our Servers will lead to an instant Perm Ban. From the activity on aswell we cannot make you admin since you are pretty new for us with under 25 connects of all time on the zombie escape server. You said that you are here since 2015 but i havent seen you once since the yesterdays event. I dont think you suit the admin team quiet well. Be more active, stop scripting for the next couple of months and if you are still interested apply again. For now i will decline this. Thanks for taking you're time to apply tho. I see you put in some effort there.
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  4. rivai is hero ;kappa:
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    My application for getting Admin or even Junior Admin In-Game name: EÇTÔPLÅŠM Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:617792234 Native language: Tagalog [Filipino] Country: Philippines Age: 20 Which server are you applying for? (Zombie Escape or SurF RPG) : Zombie Escape ilove playing ZE and with the guys i know. Do you have any experience of being admin before? I have past experience ,, Forum Moderator of 1 website, and get pass as an Admin a DE_Dust2 Server When have you started playing Counter-Strike: Source? Played hours?: Welp, I've played CSS a long time, a started at CS 1.6 and then CSS and CSGO , but i really spent most time on CSS . If hours , i think it could be over thousands , since last time i've played on CSGO ZE Server my time played is 600hrs ,, so thats how it goes Do you have any bans within any OTHER communities? I think i have few 2 or 3?? ,, the reason , well i used script of bhop, coz bhop is fun , sorry about that i just found bhopping is so much fun. Why should we exactly pick you? (More than 100 words) : Just getting back and wanting to help, I would like to be an admin for the server to help, monitor and balance the game, i wont go spectator when I am a zm, i play it until the round ends even sometimes i found it boring as a zm (sorry about this), i'll monitor the players who insults other players, players who use item for trolling the game or others, and watch those who uses voice chats for such abusive language, intolerance in game and insult others. I've found rages on the game on some players which are sometimes talks with such foul mouths, who insult others, being racist or sexist. Giving them a warning or days of ban if necessary. Depends on the attitude they posses or show. I know many guys whom are good to play with, but some left with their own reasons. I'm posting this trying to be a help. I hope i'll get the teams approval Any additional info, that may be positive for your application: Being a Good player , follower, listener and friend
  6. My cover photo is my current in game name :) hope to play with you again guys ,, BTW NICE event yesterday. Tyranny . 

  7. Tony Montana ... ur T3RRA 2.0 !!!!!!!! I LOVE U BUDDY .... I WONT HURT U .... PAPA TERRA IS PROUD OF U
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  9. i haven't get it ... can u help me brother?
  10. We won the Map with a Solo Win. Winner EPC | Rivai Added as 1 month VIP. Thanks for this great event everyone.
  11. guys what happen i kill 1 nemesis and u dont add me vip and u add rumple and geri
  12. 1 week better then nothing xD thx calig
  13. it was an awesome events "the best ever" I have canceled my half vacation because of it xD I would like to thank every person who joined us! and I hope to see more events like it later.
  14. Hmm? No extra vips for nemesis solo win? Smh. Anyway gg boiz it was quite fun to play on event but sadly i cant catch up on ze event p.s. vanster is absolutely hacking.
  15. Anniversary week Events winner post pinned in this topic! If you haven't received your VIP, please reply to this topic or send me message via PM so we can double check it! Thanks everyone and GJ!
  16. ANNIVERSARY WEEK 11.09 - 17.09.2017 WINNERS! Here are the winners of the Anniversary Events of 11.09 - 17.09.2017! There was quite many demos and pictures to check to find the actual winners, so apologies for the delay. But now we have gone thru the demos and screenshots and here are the winners. HUGE thanks for everyone who participated to our anniversary events! Hopefully seeing you all in our events in the future! DODGEBALL SCORE: Vanster 4, Tariq 3, Hichem 2, Ismail Lilou 2, Silver 2, WhitespliFF 1, Vandetta 1, Rix 1, T3RRA 1 REWARDS: Hichem, Ismail & Silver - 2 Weeks VIP | WhitespliFF, Vandetta, Rix & T3RRA - 1 WEEK VIP Thanks for participating! JON SNOW, Hichem Lilou, Escape- Tunisia | By SiLVeR, S.Y.E.D, Rix, Rise of Revolution, The rumple, Slash, Salih, Ismail Lilou, Mercy Vandetta, T3RRA, WhiTeSpliFF, Uchiha Negative, Lady Insane, El Joker & FPT. POLAR PANIC MATCH #1/2 SCORE: Rise 5, Silver 3, Syed 1, Rix 1, Mustilos 1, Rumple 1, FPT 1, Tariq 1 REWARDS: Rise & Silver - 2 Weeks VIP | Syed, Rix, Mustilos, Rumple, FPT - 1 WEEK VIP MATCH #2/2 SCORE: FTP 3, Hichem 1, Rumple 2, Syed 1, Xoom 3, Vanster 1 REWARDS: FPT & Xoom - 2 Weeks VIP | Hichem, Rumple, Syed - 1 WEEK VIP Thanks for participating! FideLink, S.Y.E.D, T3RRA, Rise Revolution, Hichem Lilou, SiLVeR, Jamnass, Xoom, Rix, The Rumple, Mustilos, Vandetta, Jon Snow, FPT, Bukhlaev99, Jackie Chan, Useless Retard, Shadow PR, FuNnYBoY Majki Dziwko!, abody, Sloath, Panisher™, Wummele, Uchiha Negative, teebee, Vanster, Fouzy, Ismail Lilou, ZOMBIE TOWER We managed to build a tower of 28 players! It's not much and I know we can do better. There are pictures of the Nemesis and zombie tower event down below the post in spoiler. Good job everyone! From bottom to top: 1. Xoom 2. Abody 3. Silver 4. Vanster 5. FPT 6. Jamnass 7. Croucher 8. Rise revolution 9. Abdellatif 10. Hichem Lilou 11.Shadow PR 12. Slaxxy 13. Jon Snow 14. Harue 15. Chafik 16. ReLaX 17. Vikus van'de'Merve 18. WhiTeSpliFF 19. FideLink 20. Bandit 21. Re'szeg (HUN) 22. BROK3NT3RRA 23. Kwebbelkop 24. S.Y.E.D 25. WU 26. SirAditya 27. Aster 28. Shume - 1 WEEK VIP SERPENTIS TEMPLE We completed all the levels without any kind of admin abuse, some slight teleports used on chains stage. REWARDS: Richards Gary, Silver, Migza, Vanster, Whitespliff, Aster, Syed, Moltard, Krusty Burger, i3, FideLink, Terra, Rse, Rix, xoom, hichem, jon snow, Aster, Shy Neko, Rumple, FPT, Maxemor(noclipper), Uchiha negative, Hyyge, classicoffensive, B O I I I, Shadow PR, Rix, Syx - 1 WEEK VIP 'Bug' Boss Winners: Richards, The Rumple, Uchiha Negative, Rise, Wander with creepypasta, Vid, Max, Syed, FideLink, Vanster, hyyge, classicoffensive, ShadowPR, Hichem lilou, Syx, Profanity - 1 WEEK VIP SHROOM 1 & 2 SHROOM 1 REWARDS: The Rumple, El Machoo, Vanster, Silver, ZE is not lasers, Rix, Whitespliff, Abody, Vid, d-f, amelia,vid,rumple - 1 WEEK VIP SHROOM 2 REWARDS: Vasya, Rumple, Daenerys Targaryen, Silver, FPT, Xoom, Rise, Bolbol, ausmist, Mouadox, Vasya, The Rumple, Daenerys, Silver, FPT - 1 WEEK VIP SHROOM FINAL After playing the map for over 4h we finally managed to beat the map with score of 6 - 27! Gj everyone! REWARDS: ZE FFVII Mako Reactor V6 B09 GaGaGa(New), ZeDanny, Vampire - 1 MONTH VIP BATTLE ROYALE Rounds score means 1 week VIP. e.g Dodo won 4 Weeks VIP from first match and 1 Week from second match. Total of 5 weeks of VIP. We will also reward 1 WEEK VIP for the Top #3 players by kills. First Match Top #3 Kills: Fidelink The RUMPLESTILSKIN Vikus Van'de'Merve Second match Top #3 Kills: Shy Neko JON SNOW *Epic n00b* Open spoiler to view pictures of our Nemesis and Zombie Tower Event!
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    Good luck, man
  18. Last week
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    Good application and I wish you good luck bro ! Just keep playing properly and one day you will become admin but when you become be very skilled with your Admin commands and tools ! All the best ! -focus.
  20. Will be hold for next week probably because tyranny is taking the spot for saturday.
  21. I have only 1 word to explain, what map is it: L A S E R S
  22. Damn those middle lasers on last level
  24. Nice, but what about cosmo? You did mention that didn't you?
  25. 16:00 Central European Time (CET) Winners of the Last Stage will be rewarded with 1 Month VIP! LASSERS INCLUDED! Were gonna play until we manage to beat the map. Should not be that difficult if we have a good team. Duration of the event is around 2h or under 1,5h if we're doing really good. Map has 6 Lvls - 5 Boss Fights Leaders: @VaNsTeR and anyone else who is willing to lead. Zombie Escape server IP: Hope to see you all there! - Event Manager Team.
  26. Holy shit this is a whole new level of shitposting
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