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  2. Name: Doom49 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1532399476 Server: From All probably. Admin: VaNsTeR What happened: Well this kid Doom49 is a good friend of mine but sometimes he gets a little too excited that he changes his name to other old players. He's a good kid and doesn't mean no harm. He was banned from the servers for a week which is expired but he is permanently gagged and muted. I talked to him and made him understand that changing the name to other players shall get him banned forever. As he doesn't understand English quite well so he couldn't understand the warnings given to him before by the admins. As he's a kid and doesn't understand much, i'm writing this request on his behalf. I just want him un-muted / un-gagged, as he's fun to play with!
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  4. Topic locked.
  5. Well especially it is a day time with ramadan i cant take a look at that spray XD, good to have my dear SAXI here
  6. How did he get picture of my penis? Anyhow the spray is banned. Thanks for the report. Next time you Report something please tag Me or Hichem for the zm server only.
  7. Name:-Xxx-HARDCOREPUSSYPOUNDER-xXX SteamID:STEAM_0:0:512614615 Server:ZM Reason:PORN SPRAY Proof:>>>Click This Link<<< @Hichem@-<SAXI>-@Tariq@Leda@Calig
  8. Last week
  9. Thank you for your Report. He is now banned. Topic locked.
  10. Name:кама пуля SteamID:STEAM_0:0:776225934 Server:ZM Reason:AIMBOT Proof:
  11. thats good for you to fix this problem so early hahahaha
  12. @Uchiha Desu why do i have a problem here?... well the problem.. is that some of my weapons r left handed... so i wanted help.. then now the problems fixed..
  13. pending

    Accepted! Membership added, let us know if there are any problems
  14. Never knew about this. I did found the reason why, but for now there's nothing we can do. We have custom made NoBlock plugin for Zombie Mode server, and it checks up your status every second, are you blocked or not. And some reason it also reverts your body color back to default every time the check is made. !rainbow still works, but fixing the body colors might take some time. Sorry. Will close the topic for now, and return back if we can get it changed from the plugin code. Thanks for reporting.
  15. Requesting To Fix The GLOW in ZM so many VIP want to use glow in zm so we always trying this command everyday and its appearing the glow but in second only and its dissapearing i just want admin fix this problem i hope the glow will fix for zm in ze is work perfectly.. ty
  16. Thank you for your Report, i'm sorry but i didn't see this before now.. This is unacceptable and i'm happy it have been dealt with.
  17. The demo doesn't show how did he troll with the ring .. but i can see clearly that he was shooting the door to help zombies kill the human team. Since he is a new player (noob player) I think he didn't know what was he doing .. He is in my list now and (if) I saw him again I will make sure to warn him . And action will be taken if he trolled again. Thanks for the report striker
  18. Thank you for reporting him. You can be sure he is muted for an entire week. Let's see if he learns after this time
  19. Let Them to reply @FideLink
  20. Are u two sure to let this happen? @-<SAXI>- @Hichem
  21. @XoOM =D @abody Please.
  22. Why u have problem here? xD
  23. can i stell add you i need some help with my server if it's possible
  24. Ty @agenthottyshot i fixed the problem using the video u shared... its finally right handed..... thx a lot
  25. Sabaton - The Last Stand

    On 6 May 1527 a leaderless mercenary army, consisting of German Landsknechts as well as Spanish and Italian mercenaries, invaded the city of Rome. No sooner had the Janiculum fallen into the hands of the looters they began advancing on the Vatican Hill. On St. Peter's Square 147 (of 189) men of the Swiss Guard stood in position to protect Pope Clement VII. In the meantime the remaining 42 Swiss escorted the Pope to the Castel Sant'Angelo (using a secret escape passageway, the Passetto di Borgo) where he finally had to capitulate after a month of siege. None of the 147 Swiss survived. Even today the Swiss Guards have their swearing-in ceremony of new recruits on 6 May, in tribute of the fallen. For those uneducated cunts
  26. If you don't have the scripts of weapons then download from here paste it in my_custom_stuff/scripts ( if u dont have one then create one )
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