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  1. Solved

    You are able to use chat, for now your mute will stay.
  2. GameME Points has been RESET and all Top #3 players has been rewarded with VIP status. VIP will be only given for registered members. If you see your name on the list and haven't yet registered on forums, you have time until 29th of this month to claim your VIP. We have also launched 2x Points Weekend for all servers during 22.7. - 24.7 and ending on Tuesday 12 AM EEST Time Zombie Escape #1 @ReVoLuTiOn - 2 Months #2 Mountain player - 1 Month #3 @abody - 2 Weeks Zombie Mod #1 @Slaxxy - 2 Months #2 @-JamNass- - 1 Month #3 @Hichem - 2 Weeks Minigame #1 @VaNsTeR - 2 Months #2 @Rix :V - 1 Month #3 @Deadview - 2 Weeks SurF RPG #1 .Yαssiɴ™ - 2 Months #2 brian - 1 Month #3 @Parly - 2 Weeks Happy Fragging! -----> Servers TOP 10 players <-----
  3. Rejected

    We already discussed in-game and decided to deny your application for now. Once you get more active and have more time playing, you may reapply again.
  4. You? :kappa: Congraz, Happy B'day! ;) 

  5. Happy B'Day! :) 

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      Thank you! add more beautiful features in your servers!

  6. Working fine for me, make sure you have cl_disablehtmlmotd set to 0 from console.
  7. Solved

    We already are international community, and have always been. That's for we use English to communicate so we would understand each others. It's true that most of the players are from Russia, but it still doesn't mean we should make any exceptions for certain countries only. If we allow people to speak their native language from this country, everyone should have the same permission. And in the end, nobody is not going to enjoy that. Few words in foreign language on mic shouldn't bother anyone, but constant talking.. You can also get a discord server or TS3/Skype for you and your friends to communicate in your own language. Otherwise we expect everyone to use English on mic. Perhaps few words in foreign language doesn't bother that much, but constant talking is different thing. Сука, блять!
  8. On last announcement we mentioned that we have considered of resetting GameME points and apply new way of gaining them. The settings were not really balanced especially for Zombie Mod and Zombie Escape servers. Here's what has changed for ze/zm: All Zombies Eliminated - Changed from 2 points to 35p All Humans Eliminated - Changed from 2 points to 5p New weapon added 'Zombie Claws', it will keep track of your infected amount of humans. We will leave the final decision for the community neither we should reset the points or not. But we believe the changes we did now will solve the problem on short period of time. Topic will remain open for one week before action is taken resulting by the poll.
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  11. Thanks for reporting back @theracord! I just tested the nominations in-game, and saw quite many maps getting bugged by the cooldown limit remaining as (Recently played 1). I believe it's happening only for certain maps, and by quick look there was nothing different compared to maps that are working properly. For now I've cleared the nomination list, so you will be able to nominate the maps even for once.. Sorry about this. I will fix it asap. Will return back to topic when there's something new.
  12. pending

  13. On this update we were mostly focusing on adding new maps for each server. We will be also performing GameME points reset 1st of July! This will give a chance for everyone to chase the top #1 on ranking! Top players will be rewarded with VIP status (More info soon). But here are the changes we have made for the servers: Zombie Escape Total of 76 new maps available to nominate! All the new maps has limit of 32 players required to play in the server. Those limits can be negotiated for each map. For now since they're untested on the server, limit of 32 is reasonable. Freeze grenades has been also disabled completely. Will see if we're going to add them in some of the classic maps. Bunnyhop Total of 15 new maps! New maps can be easily found begin of the nomination menu, using the prefix of [NEW] Minigame For minigame server we have also removed spawn killers from few course maps. All credits goes for @Rix :V! So now you're able to enjoy these maps without any sort of delay! mg_100traps_v3 mg_dans_course mg_dc_course_fixed mg_kegs_course_v3_rfixed3 mg_kirbys_course_v2 mg_lego_course mg_lego_course_2 mg_lego_course_3 mg_lego_course_alexxt_v2 mg_lego_NXR_course mg_minks_course_beta_v2_fix_01 mg_nimafa_course_final mg_noobs_course mg_nxr_course mg_office_coursee mg_robz_course mg_wolf_course_v6_f New maps for Minigame
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  15. Happy B'Day! :)

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