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  1. Rejected

    I noticed you have multiple Bans for using bhop scripts. However you have not been caught yet using it on csfrag but be warned that using any kind of cheats/scripts on our Servers will lead to an instant Perm Ban. From the activity on aswell we cannot make you admin since you are pretty new for us with under 25 connects of all time on the zombie escape server. You said that you are here since 2015 but i havent seen you once since the yesterdays event. I dont think you suit the admin team quiet well. Be more active, stop scripting for the next couple of months and if you are still interested apply again. For now i will decline this. Thanks for taking you're time to apply tho. I see you put in some effort there.
  2. We won the Map with a Solo Win. Winner EPC | Rivai Added as 1 month VIP. Thanks for this great event everyone.
  3. Will be hold for next week probably because tyranny is taking the spot for saturday.
  4. 16:00 Central European Time (CET) Winners of the Last Stage will be rewarded with 1 Month VIP! LASSERS INCLUDED! Were gonna play until we manage to beat the map. Should not be that difficult if we have a good team. Duration of the event is around 2h or under 1,5h if we're doing really good. Map has 6 Lvls - 5 Boss Fights Leaders: @VaNsTeR and anyone else who is willing to lead. Zombie Escape server IP: Hope to see you all there! - Event Manager Team.
  5. "gay" ur the one who who keeps calling everyone gay on the server and letting it look like it was a joke However what is with the shitposting here.
  6. No they dont have access for it. Only admins with root access can do it and thats atm owners.
  7. Become a global like me first kek
  8. Approved

    Updated Steam ID. Readded as Member.
  9. Approved

    Updated Steam ID. Readded as Member.
  10. Sad to see you go. Take care
  11. Its gonna be something like PUBG lel
  12. Approved

    Hey buddy. Thanks for joining the Forum:). Added.
  13. I actually didnt think you would ever visit us back lmao. Good to see you back tho.
  14. Those pictures look like cs 1.6 lmao
  15. Solved

    Only admins and players that are witnesses are allowed to post here. Removed youre post.