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  1. pending

    Accepted. Added as Member.
  2. Fuck discord. I cant understand how to use it. And many of our members are already using Teamspeak.
  3. Sure
  4. You can apply for any server of youre choice.
  5. Tony youre Admin Application has been denied before. There is no point right now to Apply again immedially. The reason youre Application is denied is because first of all you are Nosteam user. Admins are forced to be Steam Users. Secondly is that i can clearly see that you cant speak english very well to communicate with our Members,Regulars each other in the Server. And lastly is youre attitude. You are quiet insulting in the Chat alot of people and i have also seen you trolling a fwew times on the Server. Youre time spend on our Servers are great and we like to see that of course but its just not about activity at all as you see. Being an admin is not something everyone can be. If you still want to be one you first have to be a Steam User. Lets see after 1 or 2 months how you are handling yourself with other people. Be more known to other Admins of our other servers. Im sure there are admins that never heard of you before
  6. One of the best applications i readed so far lol
  7. Dont add b6. Ive seen it on unloze. It has many bugs and glitches. Its not playable. Add that atix map to nominate list. I have played it many times on GFL. It is great and i enjoyed it alot.
  8. If you want to introduce urself again you can do it on the Introduce Yourself Topics. Dont post on Member Applications when you are already one.
  9. @-<SAXI>- You should suggest maps on the Map Suggestion list. You may have not seen it where it is. Its right ontop of the Topics when u click on Zombie mod Anyway switched to Map Suggestions. Also i would like to test that one map out first you want to remove first. @Tariq
  10. Happy birthday buddy :D


  11. Good suggestions. But there is no rpg plugin for Poisonous pistol and gun slot. Would be sick tho. We removed the Fire Grenade due to making a bug with the Bouncy Bullets together.
  12. I dont know why you were not able to view the demo but i was soo thing is that he was knifing the zombie onto a roof to kill his teamate. He was obviously trolling and so i saw him today on the server and was talking to him about it. He said that it was a lie. But after some talk i think he noticed that he cant go anywhere with this. He appologized to me and told me that he did indeed troll. But with saying that there are only 3 people. Its still not allowed. He has been warned.
  13. solved

    Well i googled what kind of thing sv_cheats violation is but i could not really find anything helpfull that would let me understand it.. Would prefer to let this one have @Calig
  14. Can u even play will drinking ?
  15. From now on the Votes will be back for every weekends Votes. For this Saturday if Shroom marathon wins the vote we will play those 3 Maps but it takes a longer time so we will start sooner. Other maps on Saturday wont be played. But generally the top 2 Maps with the highest Votes are considered as Winners and will be made as an Event. Maps have been decided. Saturday will be Shroomforest marathon! We will start earlier since it takes longer for 3 maps. Sunday will be sandstorm final and westersand v5