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  1. Solved

    You've been banned cuz you rejoin as last zombie as mentioned in you ban It's 1h so even if You think there is something wrong, no actions will be taken toward your ban
  2. Happy Birthday Vanster <3 

    1. VaNsTeR


      Thanks man ^^


  3. sounds like good deal but in fact i don't support used PC (trust problems xD) , anyway , what do u mean with not showing in windows setup ? you mean you can't see Your SSD hard drive while installing windows ?
  4. Solved

    Rules are simple and the server is using an international language which is English , You've been Warned more than once to talk English on mic ... one more thing i wanna make clear : Your Ruski friends were capable to talk English easily but You in other hand choosed to talk russian instead knowing it's banable i have nothing to add since you admit your fault without arguing ..
  5. Happy Birthday Saxi <3 

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  6. @Hichem @-<SAXI>-
  7. @Tariq don't get mad xD i think he said that as joke nothing more it's something expectable to see some players getting mad since they played hard to be in that position However , it gives another chance to all players to be in top which is something great + Vip thingy made the idea worth it
  8. Well the event has ended we couldn't win both maps xD See you guys in next events
  9. Hey again The vote has spoken , and We are going to play Sunday : ze_stalker_ultimate_v3 Download Monday : ze_santassination_css2 Download Leaders : i will try to be leader (I am free to add more leaders, if you pm me on forums or steam) The Events will be hold at 5 P.M Server Time as usual . Countdown will be added. Rewards : Unfortunately there will be no rewards for the events We hope to see in the Server Team event manager @VaNsTeR @XoOM =D @Rix :V @DeMoN
  10. Hello Guys So as You know there are many maps out there and Team event managers used to search and choose good ones for the events , maybe some of You didn't like the maps or have other suggestions , for that We are giving you the chance to choose whatever you want to play in the event and we will choose the best ones , However, the maps you going to suggest must meet the requirements below : - Not bugged at any point - No FPS drops - No inappropriate sprays in the map - No small maps and one more thing i don't wanna add it as requirement but take it into consideration : - Try to choose a map that You know guys it's good to be played as event and You have chance of winning You have until Saturday before suggestion topic close After that Event managers will choose what what You are going to play in the event in the same day here in the topic and of course Winners will be awarded with VIP status (Duration depends on the maps you choose) General Server Rules Apply. We will be strict during the Event. Trolling is absolutely not allowed. So bois go ahead and feel free to suggest Team event manager @VaNsTeR @DeMoN @Rix :V @XoOM =D
  11. Congratz to winners <3 i couldn't catch up the last round More events incoming Stay Around guys
  12. Happy Birthday Geri <3 

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      Thank you!

  13. Well vanster , since the kid doesn't understand English so obviously he can't write it which means he won't make an appeal ,However since @kEMOSABE is his friend and he appealed instead of him so You can consider it as Doom's Appeal and take actions forward PS : @kEMOSABE if he got Un-muted pls make sure he won't do anything stupid like changing names , spamming ... etc or he will be punished even more .
  14. Well i already checked out the 2 demos but unfourtunatly there is nothing against him , i mean in fact you guys were reporting because of couch thingy in Radnom but he did nothing wrong as i see , he was just shooting it in the right way However , i will keep watching him until proven guilty/innocent
  15. Happy B-Day Rix <3 

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      Rix :V

      thank u xoom, <3 :D