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  1. Still alive ?

  2. Under Review

    I will talk cuz i know you well when you started playing in csfrag you were bad guy and rules breaker.however you changed 180 deg , so yea i support you and wish you the best . +1
  3. Balu :( where have you left . i miss you bro . one of best friends friends i met since eufrag. happy birthday

  4. happy birth day bro :)

    1. DeMoN


      Thanks Jammy ^^

  5. good luck Yabba
  6. Approved

    i had many bans before i became admin , most of perv and current admins have bans .not big problem good luck
  7. Approved

    rip russian players ? i just joke , even tho u had some bans by me when i was admin (proved) , u have no enemies in the server maybe cuz u keep silent while u are playing . so +1 from my side.
  8. Also , i hope the way to donate is not only by paypal , some states don't use paypal like mine.
  9. well , you are right thx god you are not on my level of humor and life , and ofc i will not change my way of thinking depending on what u said , gtfo . if calig told me that what i typed against him is wrong then i will remove the whole post .
  10. be away from my actions . as i said he will not die if i hope that , how do u ppl think !! idk
  11. thx XooM , that would be my reply too for what he said . hate is clear against me . if i hope someone die , ofc he will not die . simple and no need for "Emotion".
  12. @Calig what do u mean by "This will give a chance for everyone to chase the top #1 on ranking!" they dont have a chance now to be #1 without restarting ? i needed more than 1 year to be there . now u will restart my 39,339 points !!! and then i will never be #1 again cuz not active . i hope you die before the 1st of July! look at this http://stats.cs-frag.com/playerinfo/141167 dont remove this cute thing . and about the maps , for zm , players only play 5-10 maps , why ? cuz i keep nominating them when i am in the server and ppl like those maps so they keep playing them, look at gameme status. btw , i am sure restarting that thing is not your own idea
  13. Happy birth day Geri ^^

    1. Geri


      Thanks fam!!

  14. Anyway, press CapsLock bro !!