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  1. Happy Bday Pimpooooo :partypopper:

  2. Where is my pink panthere ?
  3. Happy Bday boy ! All the best :partypopper:

    1. C9 ThirtyEight

      C9 ThirtyEight

      Thank you a lot !

  4. Let it gooooo , LET IT GOOOOOO :D

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    2. Yabba



    3. Lady InsAne

      Lady InsAne

      imma gonna sing what i want :V

    4. Lady InsAne

      Lady InsAne

      you all must be thankfull that there are no voice stats in here xD

  5. Razor , you are a daily player and you have seen a lot of warnings by the admins to other players , that useing bhop scripts means permanent ban . I really wanna trust you that you didn't know but somehow i don't And guys , please READ our rules in forum and servers ... they are not wriiten just because the moderators are borred and have nothing to do ... You can see on the top of every important topic the rules , like the ones in here that are even in RED color ! Please , read rules to avoid future punishments
  6. solved

    On the photo is pretty clear that he is stuck . He was probably shooting to get unstuck , because someone shoot the props over him For me this is not wrong at all , since you have stucked the guy .
  7. Keep the smile on your face , even when you are hurt to death :)

    1. Geri


      Emo Lady :D

    2. Lady InsAne

      Lady InsAne

      Im not Emo :D :D Just thinking possitive :3

    3. ParadOx
  8. I'm back sugaaaaaaassssss :V

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    2. wHaT


      Let's talk about a Schnitzel mit Pommes und Ramsauce :)

    3. wHaT


      Oh.. welcome back lady :)

    4. Lady InsAne

      Lady InsAne

      wHaT i hate you already , without even knowing you -_-

  9. Will be offline for a while , going to travel . Im gonna miss ya all <3

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    2. XXitachi
    3. Lady InsAne

      Lady InsAne

      im gonna miss everyone - someone more , someone less ... but yeah , everyone :)

    4. XoOM =D

      XoOM =D

      then Do I have miss You too ?

  10. hhahahahahahha
  11. Elain , you have so male hand :V
  12. Siemens C45 , black
  13. solved

    Arcan , you had pulled three machines in the corner and you've been hiding behind them ... Next time I will make you a photo , so i will post it as an answer And ofc , you will be strictly under my eyes from now on. And next time when you want to report an admin , do it in the right section + you must have serious proves + read well what is admin abuse! And say thank you that i still didn't gag you for your bad attitude in game with the players and especially me . It will be in your plus if you behave from no one
  14. I am with the 3 huge boys , so what more ? And i dont understand how Vanster have fetish on grannys :D
  15. I won 6 millions euro and right now i'm in Maldives , drinking my refreshing coconut and 3 huge musculed mans are making me breeze with palm leafs Tonight , when i join the servers to play , i will be connecting from the Carribean Holiday is holiday , but the admin job is harder