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  1. Happy birthday Alex ^^

  2. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. DeMoN


      Don't post on my GF's profile!:angry:

    2. GabrielaF



  3. solved

    Holy damn, he really did all this? Dam Son, yer a retard.
  4. Of course it is. Thanks for the tic-tac.
  5. This is under-the-belt attack my little Korean friend. You actually mentioned the ONLY dark picture I have about myself. GG Too bad for you that plastic surgery can't help with your skinless face. ^^
  6. Right, lets cut this. I like fried chicken (preferably wings) with potato fries. Pepsi cola to drink, or beer if I feel like to. Red wine is also nice. I dont usually eat dessert.
  7. The moment when I know I outsavaged you. ^^
  8. I would bang the thai shemales, but they're busy with your macropenis. :3 Plastic surgery is pretty acceptable in ROK. Maybe they can help you to turn macro to micro.
  9. Eating pussy. I'm starving, send me some Koreans, Leda!
  10. We will fail on Convoy, vote HP.
  11. You need to find a better weapon m8.