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  13. In-Game name: L u c i f e r Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1114392466 Native language: Bulgarian Country: Bulgaria Age: 17 Which server are you applying for? Surf RPG Do you have any experience of being admin before? I've been an admin in a bulgarian server for 3 months. When have you started playing Counter-Strike: Source? Played hours? I've been playing CSS since 2014 and i am still playing for around 4-5 hours daily. During the weekends or school breaks i play almost the whole day. Do you have any bans within any OTHER communities? No, i do not. Why should we exactly pick you? (More than 100 words) First of all, i guess most of you know that Surf RPG is my favourite server and i spend most of my time or probably all of it playing there. Even when the server was "AFK" for a little bit i was one of those 3 people who were still playing it. What i am trying to say is that i really love the server and i want to make it as good as possible a.k.a as clean as possible. That is kinda hard because there is always someone who is playing around with the rules, whether he/she is using cheats or just disrespecting other players. We definitely need an admin in the server to keep the order. I take this admin position very serious that is why i was thinking if i should apply or not, whether i am good enough or not. All i want to do is help the server to become as full as it used to be. I am responsible and i know what is right and what is wrong. There is no point in saying how 'perfect' i am for the position because i'm not. But i don't think that one admin needs to be perfect - just a good and reliable person. Any additional info, that may be positive for your application. As you can see i speak english and i am studying deutsch at the moment so i can communicate with other players pretty easy. I think that i am friendly, i guess i am because i've met a lot of really good friends here and if they are still talking to me then i am not that bad. I know the rules and i respect them just as the other players. Fair play is what we need and i think that it is easy to be achieved. + i know some ways to popularize the servers even more so i think that i would be helpful. My introduction:
  14. It is really cool that You are working on new things and You are listening to all of our opinions. Here is mine. I think that this change will be for good, but maybe we should go back to the good (g)old name 'EUFrag' I would be extremely happy to see this community that turned into my family to develop in other games as well. I wish You luck and i hope that the right choice will be made. Oh and also i will pray for the Surf RPG because it will be a big loss for all the surf rpg lovers if it gets closed. P.S. Whatever happens ily all
  15. ~ Suga