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  1. why is the zm mod server full of indians, pakistans and algerians only ? lul
  2. rule 3 : on ur flasher when u turn
  3. seems interesting tbh
  4. u want me to fap everytime i turn on my pc ?
  5. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i think of the days where i was using my core 2 duo to yektima at 20 fps.
  6. THX MANGGGGG i love ya. Desktop background set !
  7. SEXY AF. Can u pls make one like that (or sexier xD) for this word : ★AltaïrylioN★ so i can use it as desktop background
  8. Lol man xD
  9. My core 2 duo is bein upgraded to i5 . El Godchoo
  10. So susano stop being undercover
  11. Agree +1, add to POTC too
  12. well nice to see u back where were u ? lol
  13. Are u the real old Rix from Algeria who used to play ze with me and xoom ?
  14. Special thanks to : -? XXitachi -? XXE[?]øÐus™ -Calig and all members of
  15. Dat CnR signature knife skin tho