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  1. Excellent artwork!
  2. Anyways, I'm just saying my opinion, at last it's up to the stuff to decide what to do.
  3. @Tariq do you mean forcing people to use a specific cmdrate in order to join the cs-frag server? But different servers use different rates, so the player needs to adjust their rates each time they join another server. Also, many people would prefer to manually fine-tune their rates depending on their network config and internet speed and/or ping, so they wouldn't want you forcing them to use a specific rate when they join your server. Maybe if there was a plugin to detect and punish ping-fakers, you could use that. Or you know since it takes so much work that it defeats the purpose, maybe you should dump the idea and leave the server as it is now. After all, I haven't seen too many people complain about laggers with ping-fakers around here.
  4. I agree, it's a good idea and a lot of servers have it Take a look at this: and this:
  5. Freezenades are op. For skins, you can suggest them in the forum if you want
  6. Good maps. I like those weekly events, keep it up staff!
  7. Huh, I haven't seen minas played in cs-frag for QUITE a while
  8. Good specs but I don't think I could do with a 15,6" screen
  9. I don't even know you but based on your decision to make a post like this about yourself I'd vote a +1 You truly deserve it.
  10. Noicee. Will try to be there
  11. Nice, but what about cosmo? You did mention that didn't you?
  12. 1. Stop making shitposts every single day 2. Get an original name, you're humiliating yourself by copying the real Tony and thinking you're him 3. You are the absolute clown. Stop acting childish and annoying if you want people to not call you "clown" And lastly... stop with the drama lol
  13. What the fuck, do you even think before you write things? Calm your ass down kid.
  14. Goodbye silent, and remember you're always welcome back. Take care.