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  1. Happy B-Day Van ^_^

    1. VaNsTeR


      thank you hichem

  2. Happy B-Day ;)

    1. Uchiha Desu

      VIP User Uchiha Desu

      Thank you! hich

  3. Approved

    Whatever the script you're using isn't acceptable at all (here or there) I had warned you more than once to avoid that's bhop script while you were saying "I have no idea what are you talking about..." if you could remember when I told you if I banned you don't be sorry about yourself, now I feel so bad that i seen someone of our zh clan member doing that, I had no choice. Let's hope you will be forgiven by the owners but I think your punishment has not yet been done.
  4. Happy B-Day Vlan ^_^

  5. Appy Birthday my dear :heart:

    1. -<SAXI>-


      Thanks Hichem <3

  6. Fix your demo
  7. Ok ok i got it now sorry for that i will never do that again so sorry pls ungag me i promise never insult anyone pls pls i beg you pls hichem i beg you



      and i will also be poilet pls hichem hichem but one thing when i speak in mic i dont shout but they also said shut up you kid yea i am small i am just 13 years old pls pls hichem

  8. Banned 1day due to the continuous mistakes, he ignoring me cause he doesn't understand english. Also I demanded from someone able to speak his language and I tried to explain the thing to him and I gave him a many chances... nothing can I do for this guy.
  9. Not Fair you should gag SuperVladys also he was also saying bad words huh you scared gaging your friends i know that you are just scared i had enough of that i am the only one who get punishment if so many peaple are abusing me huh dont you


    Now go on and ban me idc you gag or perm gag or perm ban pr perm mute idc idc you listen that

    1. Hichem


      dude stop talking about the religions and insulting the others, I got enough of reports against you how many times I had warned you just be tolerant with everyone, he took his punishment after I checked the whole chat... and I'm not afraid of anyone to let you know.

  10. Happy Birthday bhai Viggy :P

  11. You said more than that... you have to show some respect towards the admins. Also you accused me more than once by doing something I didnt do before, I never kill my team if i edged by mistake I guess you have a wrong concept what the "Edge" does it mean. And your total of 19 mute/gag most of them you were gagged it doesnt say anything, if you dont behave again your gag will be extended.
  12. Just ignore those random players, u cant even have a talk with them... they are busy with drop/change their weapons all the time, i think vanster has explained everything...
  13. Banned, ty for the report.
  14. Happy B-Day:balloon:

    1. DOC


      Thank you Hichem :);):D 

  15. Not sure what we can do for this guy yet, he still uses random names even he used your name again just yet.