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  1. it was an awesome events "the best ever" I have canceled my half vacation because of it xD I would like to thank every person who joined us! and I hope to see more events like it later.
  2. Happy B-day :partypopper:

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      Thanks Hichem!


  3. Happy Bday, obicham to lady :P

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      Awwwww how nice !! Thank you hichem <3

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      thank you hichem for help me and not for gagged lol


  4. Happy B-Day Daymoon <3

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      :thanks:Where is the birthday cake

  5. Pending

    You have said more than that btw not only this time too, even you have got a lot of gagges don't you want to learn a little bit? Anyway, your gag has been edited for whole month (instead of permanent) cause you have a many gagges before, consider this as your final chance.
  6. Pending

    inaccurate details
  7. Approved

    You finally did it
  8. Happy B-Day Zadrot :kermit:

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  9. Denied

    In any server did this happen? the player's Steam ID? any demos?... No actions will be taken cuz there's no proofs, next time make sure to read this before posting:
  10. Joyeux anniversaire frere :P

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      Mrc Hichem <3 

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    Whatever the script you're using isn't acceptable at all (here or there) I had warned you more than once to avoid that's bhop script while you were saying "I have no idea what are you talking about..." if you could remember when I told you if I banned you don't be sorry about yourself, now I feel so bad that i seen someone of our zh clan member doing that, I had no choice. Let's hope you will be forgiven by the owners but I think your punishment has not yet been done.
  14. Happy B-Day Vlan ^_^

  15. Appy Birthday my dear :heart:

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