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  1. Permanently banned.
  2. My gay's birthday, congraz :KappaPride:

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      Thank you fellow faggot i drink to me :kappa:

  3. Happy b-day da pimp :kermit:

  4. Wrong demo.
  5. Yeah something wrong, Try to fix your file @Z.D.E.C
  6. Topic has been solved. Thx for the report, feel free to report rule breakers again
  7. Happy Birthday :)

  8. Indila - S.O.S

  9. So, in this case i will tell you this. Since the player doesn't have any previous bans i can only warn him, also i don't remember if i had seen him doing that before. And in that spot most of the players when they got stuck inside the vending machines because kinda they come late they all start shooting to free themselves, honestly cannot blame them i always ask to avoid this problem just wait for the others to come with you before the infection begins. Anyway i will watch him if he did it again i can deal with him thx for the report focus.
  10. That's what I guessed about
  11. Topic has been moved to ZM room. Well SAXI, we do need to see kind of small maps don't forget zm server only for 32 players and most of the time we see between 20/25 player. And yeah i totally agree we need to some changes cauz every time we're just playing the same maps (the ones we used to play everyday), we don't see the other maps in the list when the vote starting that's why i do nominate for other maps every time, hope the owners can fix this thing. With the long knife? i guess we need it for the camp players which you complain about
  12. Happy Birthday Jam :heart:

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      Thank you Hichem :) love u

  13. Happy Birthday :partypopper:

  14. @-<SAXI>- If we don't do anything then RIP our official ZH skin, but we can pick NANOSUIT instead Trench coat i liked a lot @Calig I have took a time for voting between #1 or #2 classic and awesome skins