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    Slave really hits it Welcome to the team!
  2. Happy Birthday :partypopper:

  3. @XoOM =D Ya it would be funny "somehow" if there was at least an "Emotion". The fact that the rankreset rly hits him let me doubt it. But I also think it's a huge opportunity for others including new players. That's why I was pro for it.
  4. It is impossible to wish someones dead only because your gamelife is in danger. This level of selfish was unknown to me. You are not that important the anyone of us waste their times to think about how to made Jamnass's life harder. You should be be ashamed to write something like this. Even if you "soon" claim it to be a joke. Gameme/Rank- reset was on our minds from the very beginning. We just did not do it. Also we are going to reset other servers as well, not only zm.
  5. Happy B-Day ;)

    - JOhn

  6. Happy Birthday ;)

    1. solimanesoli


      think's but this is no't my real b-day i am 16

      think's any way


  7. Happy Birthday big G ;)

    1. Geri


      Thank you soo much!!

  8. Happy Birthday DOC ;)

  9. Thank you for reporting him. You can be sure he is muted for an entire week. Let's see if he learns after this time
  10. Map is up. We only need to set up the timer and set zones
  11. congratulations
  12. Are you guys nosteamers?
  13. Do you want your spray to be transparent or if you press "spraykey" you hear sound but don't see anything? Maybe someone banned your spray?
  14. Happy B-Day <3 !

    1. Rix :V

      Rix :V

      THANK YOU!! TARIQ <3 :D