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  1. I already bought some cases on this website and it wasn't as you said. It's your first post here and you posted the exact same post on other websites too. Therefore I do not allow you to post this website here. It would be different if you were an active player and forummember. -- Topic locked --
  2. Ah ok thx for the infos. I know it is possible to bring the old stats to new real steamid but Im not sure if it's possible to move it from nosteam to nosteam. @Calig will hopefully deliver us the right answere
  3. Hey SnnowMan, are you a nosteamuser? I ask that because for regular Steamusers there is no way to get a new steamid. Also send us your old and your new steam ID or at least find your old user here and tell us: http://stats.cs-frag.com/search?q=&si=players&rc=all&x=21&y=8
  4. No.. they are open and will be open the entire time
  5. They are all online and ready to be "nominated" ^^ Enjoy playing
  6. ze_SSBB_b1_2 & ze_atix_extinction_b7 are both online. ze_atix_extinction_b7 is in the "nominate"-List. To play ze_SSBB_b1_2 you need to ask an admin who is on the server to change it Enjoy <3
  7. Already downloaded.... will upload them asap Tyt @VaNsTeR thx for suggesting @-<SAXI>-
  8. We will check them out and upload them after @XoOM =D or @VaNsTeR tested them. Thx for suggesting
  9. 1 Week off!   Enjoy your hollidays <3

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      thx akhi


  10. Welcome again
  11. Happy Birthday princess Deadview <3 :P

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      Thank you my sweet prince :KappaPride:

  12. Happy B-Day ;)

  13. solved

    It sounds a bit unreal to me. Commands used in 'single player' will reset after quitting. Where did you apply the sv_cheat 1 command exactly?
  14. Enjoy your Birthday ;)

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