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  1. CS-Frag will always be a home for you, once you decided to come back Wish you al the best with your lifegoals! Cheerz
  2. It's been a while since we had this server running but I can show you the regular maplist. All of the used maps are included: Here you can download all of the listed ones below: https://mega.nz/#F!agg3QR5a!UoX6vEusoan9QzsZHkCNpg Jail Break ba_ace_jail_v2d.rar ba_jail_blackops.rar ba_jail_blackout_v10h.rar ba_jail_canyondam_v6_fix.rar ba_jail_cavewalk_v1b.rar ba_jail_fg_revolution_v1.rar ba_jail_fg_vacant_v4.rar ba_jail_fg_wakka_b5.rar ba_jail_fridej_beta3h.rar ba_jail_handofthrawn_v1.rar ba_jail_hogwarts_v1e.rar ba_jail_leoben_a1.rar ba_jail_lockdown_final.rar ba_jail_lotus_final_fixed2.rar ba_jail_lunar_mkIIf.rar ba_jail_mn_blackops_snow9.rar ba_jail_mn_maximum_v5.rar ba_jail_mn_outbreak.rar ba_jail_mn_snowed_in.rar ba_jail_openfield_v2.rar ba_jail_sand_v3.rar ba_jail_snowynights_v3.rar ba_jail_stationx_v1d_fix.rar ba_jail_tile_paradice_v_2_sg.rar ba_jail_vip_v4.rar ba_mlcastle_v4_css5.rar ba_prism_dtk_v3.rar jb_abstract_sgfix.rar jb_airship_b3.rar jb_avalanche.rar jb_b1_detention_center_fix.rar jb_brikkenwood_v4.rar jb_carceris_final_fixed.rar jb_coast_v1fix_hell.rar jb_heat_3fixed.rar jb_hell_castle_bt5p.rar jb_hello_v3.rar jb_iceworld_v1_4.rar jb_iron_fix3.rar jb_island_prison_final.rar jb_italia_revamp_b4.rar jb_last_encounter.rar jb_lego_jail_pre_v6-2.rar jb_mc_raphi4life_v1.rar jb_mia_v1.rar jb_minecraft_z_v4g.rar jb_new_summer_v2.rar jb_paper_alive_ultime_se.rar jb_paradise_prison_fix.rar jb_progamer_v3h2.rar jb_space_jail_v1_fix2.rar jb_spy_vs_spy_beta7.rar jb_supreme_electric_dj_v2b3.rar jb_texture_jail_v7.rar jb_umbrella_final_hell.rar ba_ace_jail_v2d.rar25.8 Enjoy
  3. Happy Birthday my Bro <3

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  6. Happy Birthday Bro!   ;)

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      Thanks Tariq :P

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    Slave really hits it Welcome to the team!
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  12. @XoOM =D Ya it would be funny "somehow" if there was at least an "Emotion". The fact that the rankreset rly hits him let me doubt it. But I also think it's a huge opportunity for others including new players. That's why I was pro for it.
  13. It is impossible to wish someones dead only because your gamelife is in danger. This level of selfish was unknown to me. You are not that important the anyone of us waste their times to think about how to made Jamnass's life harder. You should be be ashamed to write something like this. Even if you "soon" claim it to be a joke. Gameme/Rank- reset was on our minds from the very beginning. We just did not do it. Also we are going to reset other servers as well, not only zm.
  14. Happy B-Day ;)

    - JOhn