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  1. Hey there ! hope you are having a wonderful day (of course im here for a reason)

    well,im here for ask u something :THAT THING IS : can u please make a avatar for steam? this is da link in which u have to do ur work link. blue-wallpaper-13.jpg

    You can also short the size all i want is this to be our group's avatar and the WORD i want inside of it is (  SSŤ  ) add a cool looking font in it ( Do words like Crystal font as u can see the blue thing in pic)

    SECOND : This one is my friend spray link .

    I want u to change the red thing to BLUE ( see the first one pic that colour ) and add a cool backround in it

    Please do it don't say that u can't if u make it i gunna cry

    Peace. :)

  2. Can i be an admin in zm instead of surf rpg if i edit the post?
  3. I've grown quite fond of surf but i'd actually rather be admin on zm. I guess because zm applications aren't open surf admin will do just fine
  4. You don't know me
  5. @DeMoN Nadam se brate @-<SAXI>- well saxi im not lying
  6. In-Game name: Deadview Steam ID: (e.g STEAM_0:0:12312300) STEAM_0:0:75062903 Native language: Croatian Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina Age: 18 Which server are you applying for? (Zombie Escape or SurF RPG) Zombie mod Do you have any experience of being admin before? I've been an admin in many cs 1.6 server but never in cs:cs When have you started playing Counter-Strike: Source? Played hours? Started playing in 2015, I've played 500+ hours Do you have any bans within any OTHER communities? I don't play on other communities so no. Why should we exactly pick you? (More than 100 words) Well to be completely honest you shouldn't pick me im a horrible person. I don't want to sound like the rest and be all like sunshine and rainbows, , just wanna apply to see if i will make the cut and be a part of the administration team: In any case if i somehow manage to get admin access on Zombie Mod i believe i would play cs:s more often not that it's horrible playing it now. In any case being admin would provide me with the usual duties ,example, someone reports something i'm available i can come and resolve situation. But yeah in any case thank you for reading and considering this. Any additional info, that may be positive for your application. I can pretty efficiently annoy Vanster
  7. Happy B'Day! Better late then never ;) 

    1. Deadview

      VIP User Deadview

      Thank you can i be admin :kappa:

    2. FideLink


      Dem grammar @Calig :kappa:. Btw happy late b'day @Deadview :KappaPride:

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      thanks ;)


  8. Happy Birthday :doge:

  9. happy birthday my friend have fun:partypopper:

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      Thank you comrade i had fun

  10. Happy birthday


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      I express my thankfulness :kermit:

  11. Happy bday mate !

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      Thanks boss!