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  1. Today I was playing Zombie Mod server, an incident happen at zm_day_ctec_b2_fix Players who used Soda Machine barricade to glitch block the shutter doors Shersun - STEAM_0:1:91599381 JustLa - STEAM_0:0:12692755 Although I was looking for an admin to tell this matter during the game, no one was bothering and no admin present there. As I know, we shouldn't do this glitch to door as it's quite impossible to breach through inside. I told JustLa but it looks like he did it purposely....he keeps on shooting me and others who try to near that stuck soda machine.
  2. Happy Birthday SNOWOLF :)

  3. Happy Birthday Morin friend :troll_happy:

  4. In-Game Name: ḾЄ尺ĊẎ ṼЄΠĐЄŤŤΆ Country: Malaysia Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:207752710 Favorite server(s) of ours: Zombie Mod
  5. Name:MDC| EX ER SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1907631550 Server: ZM SERVER      Reason:using multiple harsh words and abusing me and other players with dirty talks involving family members until we couldn't take it. Proof: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gb2ceg6dh0b230t/18077364_10202931801292845_5694648065442291747_o.jpg http://www.mediafire.com/view/7svga3nmnit6sek/18076715_10202931802772882_9089540959287153312_o.jpg Please ban him, he is abusive, never let us play peacefully...he personally attacks each and every one with sensitive words as well....couldn't show it....:(
  6. saxi....i feel so happy on your fantastic idea....feel like wanna give u hug....haha.....pls bring these maps.....especially i love that 4way_tunnel map alot...i missed that...because i can say another reason for me to come our zombie mod server.....and the best map i feel on your suggestion would be the first one....i love that climate and i feel it will be an awesome addition......great work saxi.....waiting to play - M3RCY VENDETTA
  7. forgot to say happy birthday my fren....:troll_happy:

  8. happy birthday jammy...^ ^...long time no see you.....c ya very soon.....:D :troll_happy:

    1. -JamNass-


      Thank you bro

  9. General raam is the best.....zombie set 2 is my vote....although im not a VIP, as a member...i really amazed with nanosuit, it is another great addition alongside combine soldier..........atlast, im happy and feel good that there will be new changes for terrorist and ct skins......thanks to wonderful calig brother.....waiting for the changes.....
  10. @T3RROR
  11. thanks vanster.....i was in LENNY map & BEAR.....very soon i will apply vip .....for now this free vip will be a preview for me....keep doing more events with credits reward...
  12. why im not getting free vip? i also been in the event....hmmm
  13. solved

    hi everyone, TERROR (Terra) is my brother.....and he is 14 years old boy......that's why the style of he appealed was not professional. Sincere apologies to all....feel bad always this matter happening....sorry hichem bro because terra caused nuisance to you.....for me....terra and his among age of players not yet matured on how to deal a matter and they are thinking beyond over emotional....look how he express the feeling....so thanks to those admins who handling this nicely.....hmmm
  14. freaking awesome maps.....i will love to play on all of these.....good suggestion hichem bro
  15. hi arcan my fren :)