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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Can't wait....
  3. ofcourse my brother!
  4. Shroom eh? Time to get high!
  5. w00t? Trenchcoat over nano suit?! It's Monday and you still drunk SAXI!
  6. As a gipsy myself, I find this post very disturbing and offensive!
  7. We're glad to see so many insightful comments in this thread. Our community's future looks very promising! Thank you all for sharing your precious thoughts!
  8. Please think about this carefully before submitting your votes. This is for the sake of our future community and each and every one of your opinion matters <3 Leda
  9. I want my credit.
  10. Looked it up on Wikipedia and this is what it says: Name: Ginger Lego Man Info: Ginger Lego Man was first featured from Counter Strike Source Zombie Escape Map called Fapescape (Level 1 boss). Giner Lego Man first made his international fame after sticking his personal photo on a lego moving object and appeared as the very first boss (Level 1). Ginger Lego Man uses stick to "kill" CT's and those who died from Ginger Lego Man were instantly banned from the servers for being a "n00b" (n00b reference can be found from the link below. However, Ginger Lego Man's real name is Heinz and is also very well known for creating various internationally recognized Zombie Mod maps for both Counter Strike Source and Counter Strike Global Offensive. To find out more about Heinz and to download latest Zombie Mod Maps and Skins for free please visit www.HeinzGetZeFlameThrowerNow.com Published in 2016, Wikipedia Co.
  11. Happy Birthday bud! :)

    1. Ismail lilou

      Ismail lilou

      thx leda :cheerful: 

  12. solved

  13. Looks good
  14. Banned for 94hrs. Feel free to extend the duration of his ban if he continues @Hichem. -Leda