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  1. @VaNsTeR Its ez af. I once download it and I learn how to use it for 1 day only.
  2. Going away for 3 weeks cos exams, then I will bought steam and playing for 24 hours a day :KappaPride:

    1. Hichem


      So i will miss the gay sounds in zm :why_u_no:

    2. FideLink


      I even didnt talking too much (or never) on zm :kappa:

    3. AET - Vid
  3. I am But I know u well on zm and surf (first met)
  4. You are a horrible person @Deadview so @Calig @Tariq @Leda @VaNsTeR don,'t ever pick him as admun Nah I was joking P. S. I mean it
  5. Oh lol k.
  6. Admin apps already closed. U can try it again next time . (P. S. ar u 'XX' member? Just ask )
  7. Map name: ze_random_escape_b6 Player slots: 64 Download link: Map same like ze_random_v10_fix but more levels, remake levels, and harder. Need more teamwork to finish this. Boss removed from last level and placed to the new level. Map seems dont have secret nades anymore. Map could be finished less 7 minutes. Map name: ze_SSBB_b1_2 Player slots: 64 Download link: Abandoned map, 2 different boss from different levels after u beat the after first level. The items (materials) was same like from ze_timesplitters but it has special effect by clicking right mouse. Map could be finished less 8 minutes (depend the trigger). Map name: ze_atix_extinction_b7 Player slots: 64 Download link: Map doesnt have any levels and boss. About materials, it was a box where can be found around the map (cannot be taken), will grant u (random) a guns, nades, or unlimited ammo (must stay on the place). Cod be finish less 6-7 minutes (depend trigger). All these map need good teamwork especially atix. Hope these maps added and tested (P. S. ze_atix_extinction_b7 is one of resident evil map (from movie))
  8. DimRain47 - At the Speed of Light

    Imagine when u play css ze mod and when u overdefend and u left alone and u need to run as fast as u can from tons of zombies (P. S. dem grammar)
  9. ze_biohazard_manor_v4a_004fix2 ze_biohazard_v2b_004 ze_biohazard2_rpd_v4e_004 ze_biohazard2_sewer_v4c_fix_3
  10. Add biohazards maps cunts. I came to CS: S and play Zombie Escape mod because of these shit gud zombies maps And I already wait for a momment to play these maps a months ago
  11. Some good shit maps are not in nominate list and only admin can nominate it because the maps are good af
  12. @VaNsTeR So that mean, we gonna try ze_resident_evil_v7_3_fix only? Oh well, its ok. If we gonna test it on server, do it at tuesday (fixed day cuz I don't have many days / times to play)
  13. @VaNsTeR Test it at tuesday / wednesday if can.
  14. Map name: ze_resident_evil_hive Player slots: 64 or less Download link: Map name: ze_resident_evil_v7_3_fix Player slots: 64 or less Download link: Map name: ze_umbrella_hq_b8 Player slots: 64 or less Download link: Map name: ze_simpsons_escape Player slots: 64 or less Download link: About these maps, there are NO boss, levels, and materials / items. The time to finish these maps are less 8 minutes. These maps are old and unpopular. But I hope its added to nominate list . P.S. I once resident evil feg so I play ZE mod from CS: 1.6 till CS: S
  15. Happy B'day! Hope you get permanent gag by VaNsTeR! :kappa:

    1. FloriaNNN.


      Thanks. maybe :)