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  1. Pending

    It's not my deal but I wanna say like an ADMIN I was going to ban you in Surf RPG thousands of times cause of your spamming all the time! Also I wanna add that if you are applying in Ungag,Unmute,Unban etc. you are not supposed to write with CAPS LOCK and to write on that bad English level in game chat it's ok but here atleast you must have used google translate because it's hard to understand what you exactly say ! -focus.
  2. I think the best time to restart the servers is either 1st of January or 1 st of December thank you for your time !
  3. Yeah they are pretty good for gaming and they have wireless option as well ! @abody
  4. I did the same ones and broke my previous Headset but now I am with Beats Headset amen I can easily replace the cable with the other one because they come with two.
  5. I think opening Dust 2 only Server will populate the other servers because Dust 2 only are played by a lot of people. 1st If you think it's a good idea and we really open Dust 2 only Server I will apply to be Admin there because I really like playing Dust 2 only and I have been Admin mostly in such servers. 2nd Everyone likes Dust 2 only and if we add some cool plugins such as VIP colorful chat,bonus money and 3 grenades per round. 3rd In the end of each map we can add voting for 3 round mode for instance Headshot only,Grenades only and Knives only.I have seen on some servers there are clan ranking and seasons in the of season 1st 2nd and 3rd clan get Gifts such as all the clan members get 3weeks 2 weeks and 1 week free VIP. 4th If we want to save CS-Frag as a community we need Old school server which will populate the others. 5th Did you guys remember the old EUFrag Deathmatch it was most of the time that Server made EUFrag popular.In my opinion if opens our own deathmatch or dust 2 only we will have much more people in all our servers.
  6. As Vanster said Doom49 is copying names all the time even ADMIN nicknames.Sometime ago I connected to Surf RPG and he was playing with my name and telling people I am an ADMIN here I thought what the hell and renamed and warned him next time BAN and I silenced him for 1 hour but then He started pleasing to unsilence because he is a kid.I I unsilenced him and we played normally for about an hour then there was no in the server and I connected to Zombie Mod he was playing with SAXI's nickname.Personally,Doom49 have to be silenced and if Vanster insilence him he would make the same thing he get permanent Ban. focus.
  7. Thank you
  8. How to fix this shit ?
  9. Nope I am bigger level than you in Steam as well
  10. What the hell all these FPS Boosters fuck everything up just reinstall your Counter-Strike Source and stop adding files just don't do anything like that anymore ! Also don't use all these commands if they are not really important because they decrease your FPS ! Now let let me help you with your spray so make your own folder named Sprays for instance or then put it in CS source page then make sure so that all your sprays are either PNG or VTF (Valve Text Format) every transparent l,gif,bmp, etc . You have to convert them into VTF with photoshop for instance and make sure so your size is less then 5 MB as well and that is it from me I hope I helped you !
  11. I have the same problem !
  12. hahaahhaha I hope it can handle 3D Porn
  13. Hard disk: 1TB (1000GB) Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 3.5, 64MB, SATAIII 600 Ram storage : 8GB DDR4 2133MHz (DDR4,1x8GB) - All 8GB DDR4 2133Mhz For DVD: DVD-RW LG SATA BLACK Case: Trendsonic Black/Red TOWER USB 3.0 Front PSU: Raidmax 500W PFC Silent Fan Video card: nVidia GTX 1050 TI 4GB GDDR5 128bit HDMII/DP/DVI CPU : Intel® Core™ i5-7600 Kaby Lake 3.50Ghz up to 4.10 GHz (6M Cache) Motherboard : Gigabyte B250MIntel B250 s1151 DDR4; USB 3.0, M2 PCie 32Gb/s slot Front ports : 1 x USB 3.0; 1 x USB 2.0,Micro SD + SD; Back ports : 1 x PS/2 keyboard/mouse port; 1 x D-Sub port; 1 x DVI-D port; 1 x HDMI port; 4 x USB 3.0/2.0 ports; 2 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports; 1 x RJ-45 port; 3 x audio jacks (Line In, Line Out, Mic In) Video card ports (exits): 1 x Dual-Link DVI; 1 x HDMI 2.0; 1 x DP 1.4 Mouse:Red dragon Keyboatd:Red dragon Mouse pad:Red dragon This PC can run all these games without any problems with normal FPS Assassin’s Creed Rogue? ARK: Survival Evolved? ArmA III? Batman: Arkham Knight? Battlefield 4? Battlefield Hardline? Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Call of Duty: Black Ops III? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Crysis 3? DayZ? Diablo III: Reaper of Souls? Dying Light? Dota 2? Dragon Age: Inquisition? Evolve? Far Cry Primal? Far Cry 4? FIFA 15? FIFA 16? Grand Theft Auto V? Guild Wars 2? League of legends? Minecraft? H1Z1? SIMS 4? Star Wars Battlefront? Team Fortress 2? The Witcher 3? Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege? Tom Clancy’s The Division? Total War:Attila? World of warcraft? And everything for something like 700 Euros
  14. I didn't know that.