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  1. I didn't know that.
  2. Happy B-Day ! :balloon::partypopper:

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      Thanks mate :partypopper:


  3. There is a plugin I have played in a server and there were these things ! Gun slot in Russian is Кобура !
  4. I suggest to add some more things in RPG such as Poisonous Pistol,Gun Slot (You can carry 2 guns) and Fire grenade instead of Ice grenade !
  5. Happy B-day ! :partypopper:

  6. Ok bro just watch him Thank you Can you lock the topic?
  7. Name:San4Ö ︻デ═一 SteamID:   STEAM_0:0:10958060 Server: Zombie Mod Reason:Barricade destroying Proof: He was doing this all the map !
  8. It's a good idea SAXI ! I want to suggest Parachute It will be very cool for the humans to escape with it from high spots and If it's possible Calig add some VIP parachute skins will be cool Thanks !
  9. ;):balloon::kermit:Happy birthday Jam !!! Have a nice day ! 

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      Thank u focus :)

  10. In-Game name: focus. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:87458303 Native language: Bulgarian (I speak English and Russian as well) Country:Bulgaria Age: 16 Which server are you applying for ? Surf RPG Do you have any experience of being admin before? Yes,I have been an Admin in my own server 1 year Also I have been an Admin in 2 Bulgarian Servers for 1 year ! When have you started playing Counter-Strike: Source? Played hours? I have started playing Counter-Strike: Source in 2011. I am playing around 3-6 hours a day. Do you have any bans within any OTHER communities? No ! I don't have any bans in any other communities. Why should we exactly pick you? Why exactly me ? Hmm.. Firstly,in my opinion I am not perfect one of being an Admin but I am sure If I become an Admin in Surf RPG the server will be clean and I will make a lot of advertisments in a lot of sites if Calig give me his permission to do that ! Secondly,I am a cool guy and a lot of guys know me as a good person,most of the time that I am in front of my PC I spend it playing in CS-Frag because I love this community and It's awesome ! I have made a lot of friends playing in CS-Frag and EUFrag most of them are gone the others just stopped playing CSS but last year I made real friends like Hichem,JamNass,V3ND3TTA and of course SAXI and lots lots more ! I am sorry to those which I didn't mention ! Thirdly,I have made some issues but If I become an Admin I will help the others to go in the right way and don't make the same wrongs as me I think If someone wants to be an Admin first he had to be either a good person or a guy who had made wrongs in the past and knows what is the feeling to make wrong because only those who had made wrongs know what to do in most of the situations.If you have just started playing you cannot know the different views of playing! All things considered I hope to become an admin and keep the server clean,to make the players happy and of course I want EQUAL RIGHTS for all the players ! Any additional info, that may be positive for your application. EUFrag the ancient server in which there were nothing except ZE and ZM plugin no skins,no VIPs only some Admins trying to develop the server but they didn't achieve anything until | Calig and friends appeared to revived it from the old ruins and to make CS-Frag a new place for playing,enjoying and whatever you want ! I was a spectator of all this hard way and I am proud to be part of this community ! My introduction: Best wiches ! <3 focus.
  11. Remove "Ugly Trenchcoat" Calig this will be the best desicion Dear dear SAXI just change Clan Skin to another one there are a lot of cool skins and by the way I don't like Trenchcoat even thought I am a ZH Member just this skin sucks ! I would like to see SET 2 Skins they are the best ! Best wishes !!!
  12. 100 credits REWARD for the right answer Take off my skin I won't cry but you will

    What am I ?

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      u kidding me? Youre a fucking onion duh

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      Their is something called GOOGLE if u know what i mean ;)

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      Geri is the winner when you connect just PM me !

  13. ohhhhhh I can't wait anymore for Admin Applications but I must wait somemore ! New name I think the best one will be ot and the last one I am sure most of you understood so if there is EUFrag in the new name most of the old guys will come back !? I agree with DeMoN that Surf RPG and Minigame have to be restored I mean in Surf new RPG reset every 6 months new VIP features in |Minigame whatever Administrators want except delete and POINTS please don't think about deleting them in any of the servers ! I am proud to be part of this community but I hope to return the old EUFrag name also I hope to see mysel as a part of the Staff I am a volunteer to be an admin in Zombie Escape or Zombie Mod I have a lot of ideas but I will share them in my Admin Application if Calig open it soon ! Best wishes !!! <3 EUFrag forever !!!
  14. JamNass R.I.P

    Rest in peace JamNass.I know so you won't connect here again but if you do it there is a place for you forever !!! We won't forget you !!!
  15. Happy birthday bruh! :partypopper:

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