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  1. u will see me online on server at my bitrthday 9 october,cya guys
  2. Whats up everyone,i am here just to tell you guys i am leaving cs frag community,ok it may not be forever but i leave for long time.U may see i didn't played for a while,and if i enter server i play only one round and leave,reason for that is because cs started being boring little bit,and i also have some in real life problems,so i need to leave,i want you guys to play and enjoy on this server as i did.Also i have to say admins are doing great job about this server and you should just keep going on.My steam account is Donald Krump u can probably find me so if u want to play with me sometime u can add me.Thats it from me see you guys =)
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    kill asap
  4. Big support man
  5. 'appy birth day man :D

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      thanks man ^^

  6. Rejected

    @DeadviewAko te izaberu srecno ti i da nam budes dobar admin ;D @CaligHe will be good admin,he is alredy good person,chose him if u decide
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  8. Happy birth day *one of best admins*

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  9. yea i tell my self i will learn to repair things alone.I dont trust services anymore
  10. NAME:chafik(DZA) SERVER:ZombieMod STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:1699911692 REASON:He team with Tim And FNAFzombie (he told FNAFzombie to not kill tim) CHAT PROFF:https://www.mediafire.com/?lb3rbolvol7avp9
  11. Well thermal paste happend.I wanted to put again because this was old and i go to computer service store and they fuck up evrything.Now i need to wait until they buy new or fix this.(BTW i type this from laptop)
  12. R.I.P. My amd radeon r9 380x :(((((
  13. I don't have script folder
  14. If u add some skins you can give them some power ups like jump boost or speed boost *EDIT* Add skins for regular players if u decide to add skins
  15. i don't have any skins,your choice