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    good luck
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    thank you saxi for supporting me but 8 bans in the nosteam account + I can take this responsibility
  3. 1 week better then nothing xD thx calig
  4. Rejected

    Yes all the bans in the nosteam account but in this account i have only one
  5. Rejected

    i m realy thankful
  6. Rejected

    thank you all
  7. Approved

    good luck my friend
  8. Rejected

    In game : Abdellatif Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:7152082 Natif language : Arabic Country : Algeria Age : 20 Which server are you applying for? Zombie mod Do you have any experience of being admin before? Yes i creat me and my brother our own dust but we closed it because no players and no vps so its big fail When have you started playing Counter-Strike: Source? Played hours I started in 2012 and zombie mod in 2015 and the Csfrag it was the first zombie server i tried it i m active player since i join Csfrag Playing hours 700 hour in steam Do you have any bans within any OTHER communities? Yes i have in NIDE server because no good admins there they paid for admin and banned me Why should we exactly pick you? I m an active player and i want to fix my mistakes and advice the other players to teach them secrets and how to creat a pro spots and stop anyone try to bug the server or cheat and i know all the maps and know how to deal with it i can be in the server about 4 hours in the day but when i free i can be all the day playing and i m so friendly player i will help anyone who need me so if i can i will try to make zm server like in the past 32/32 Any additional info, that may be positive for your application. I m the first who find out the holes problem and spam it on hichem and calig to fix it so and i realy care about this server so if you think that i m not worthy of your trust then refuse me and find another one
  9. Approved

    Name: Abdellatif SteamID: STEAM_0:1:7152082 Server: zombie mod Admin: Hichem lilou What happened: i did i big mistake i was active bunnyhop script in other server and forget it and i join to csfrag and get banned and i m sorry for that it will never happen again
    • happy bday <3
  10. happy berthday barhoma <3 :heart:

    1. Ibrahim morin

      Ibrahim morin

      merci abdou :)

  11. In-Game Name: ]ŝДŞỨқЁ[™ Country: algeria Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:7152082 Favorite server(s) of ours: Zombie Mod.