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  1. Fuck Teamspeak.Harue I'm in.
  2. Bravo brate! Nadqvam se che shte te priemat ( Nadam se da ćete primljen)
  3. Happy B-day :)


  4. @XoOM =D thank you for the maps and I also thank to @VaNsTeR for making the topic. P.S.Vote shroom and enjoy darude
  5. Happy B-Day! :P

    1. XXPortal


      Thank You!

  6. Jammy Happy B-Day man!Wish you all the best ^^

    1. -JamNass-


      Thank you Demon :) love u

  7. Happy B-Day!

    1. FloriaNNN.


      Thanks bro :D

  8. 1+For Zombie set 3. 1+For Member skins.
  9. Topic solved&locked.
  10. I will only miss my admin
  11. I've been in this community for a long time and I am proud of it! I would like to say that this community is not the biggest one but we are still strong and we are family. You guys should definetly open servers in some other games , so our community would grow up. Also Minigames and Surf must be closed , since the servers are kinda dead lately and for name I will suggest eu-community or ctrike-organisation. I hope that some of the old players will find more time to play so we can have fun . Regards,DeMoN. P.S. My English level is b2 don't blame me for mistakes.
  12. DeMoN 3 weeks*
  13. Deadview banned from minigames for 2 days.Check
  14. Remember that I will be strict againts mic/chat spam and the most important thing for us is to have fun.