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  1. Happy B-day xoomy!Epc the best 

    1. XoOM =D

      XoOM =D

      Thanks gf xD #Epc_the_worst xDD

  2. Tony you fuc*ing retarded kiddo,stop shitposting. Locked!
  3. Saxi told his opinion in the chat. Topic Locked.
  4. Happy B-day! :P

    1. Geri


      Thanks so much!

  5. Damn I will just close the topic. We will decide if we need new admin.
  6. Yo,we already got them in the admin nomination list. Just ask some admin to nominate the map.
  7. Mask Off (Drug Edition)

  8. Pantera-Walk

  9. Or just install other skin.
  10. pending

    You should meet people first, be active on the server and also you should tell more about yourself. Be active on the forums and ingame for a few months and then apply.
  11. Warning must be given. @abody & @XoOM =D
  12. We can always try them , @VaNsTeR .
  13. Read it again, carefully.
  14. Happy B-Day Sno!;)


  15. Happy B-Day El Magnificent! ;)